Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer days in Spokane

Ella and I had such a wonderful time in Spokane visiting one of my best friends, Jana Heller, and her amazing family. The kids all played so well together, I don't think that there was a single incident or run-in. They just got along perfectly and loved each other. They must get the feeling that our families are going to be close forever!!!
We did so many fun things each day and there was plenty of relaxing, talks, and girl-time in there as well. Just a perfect mix and a perfect trip! I realized after I uploaded all my photos that there is not a single shot of her new baby, Asher. Go to our links and see Jana's page... her cute baby is worth it! He is so good and just went with the flow like a champ. They are lucky to have such great kids and I just love them!!!
Thanks again Hellers for such a fun trip and for so many great memories.

The kids at the mall

we have a shot just like this of luke and lily when they were just a little younger than these 2. Very cute!!!

they had these swings in their yard that ella went in everyday that we were there.

this was downtown and so cool. ella was a bit reluctant, well totally reluctant! but she liked watching jack and lily run around and get wet.

ella in the flowers downtown as we cooled off with some tasty shaved ice. I am craving more of it.

with the pilot on the plane. we walked past and he said, "she's so cute. she can come up here if she wants" they were so cool.


jamie said...

Your hair really does look so cute! I love Ella's janie and Jack shirt with the umbrellas on it...I wanted those sundresses so bad! Is this Jana who lived next door to me growing up? Maybe!

J and H said...

Hey Gorgeous! I'm so glad you found me! Your hair looks adorable! I miss you, hopefully we will be in H.B. soon and we can go to Goldenspoon. I love you!!

Rebecca D. said...

What a fun trip! It's so great that you get together with good friends even if they are out of state!

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