Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'll miss you, my babies




I hate to be away from you. Be good for Daddy. I love you. See you in a few days.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring, can you hear me?

Spring is just around the corner. I can see it in its greenery on my Birch tree. In its buds in the gardens. It peaks its head around here and there with its warm temperatures. And then it will go ahead and disappear on me all together. Hiding underneath a new blanket of freshly fallen snow.

Please come back Spring. I need you. My kids need you more. Our grass is dying to have naked feet run on the tops of its blades. My camera is begging to shoot pictures of kids in t-shirts and flip-flops, sun dresses and frayed denim shorts. And, most importantly, my pale white skin is in desperate need of your glorious, tanning rays.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21 months

When I did the math and realized that my 2 oldest would only be 21 months apart I never broke a sweat. I knew people who had kids much closer. I didnt think it would be that rough. It sounded like a great adventure. The truth was I was naive. I couldn't have known better. Because it was HARD!! The hardest time thus far in my life.

When I got pregnant Luke was 1. He was mellow, quiet, easily engulfed for hours by trains and shapes. By the time Ella came along life was much different. Luke was being pulled away from us by Aspergers Syndrome. He was hard. He was totally incapable of being flexible. My life revolved around him, his schedule and his moods. And to top it off I had a brand new, very fussy, baby girl. California, and any type of Family to help, never felt further away then it was back then in Chicago.

I remember sitting in my room, or in the car, and crying. Wondering if I was ever going to get through that time. Praying that I could have the strength and the patience to endure it. And knowing, all too well, that I was barely holding things together.

Those days seem like ions ago. Luke is a totally and completely different boy.Life is simpler (as much as its also more complicated) I have kids who keep each other busy for hours, can buckle themselves into their own car seats, who have learned to be a little patient, who can feed themselves and bath themselves. They will walk next to me in a mall, play outside without me while I do the dishes. The best part's I could have never seen back then. Having those 2 so close in age has been, without a doubt, one of the greatest blessing's we've ever had. I can not put into words how much they are a strength to one another. They are inseparable. They are best friends. Where one is weak the other is strong. They are a perfect fit.



So, as much as this age gap with Olivia and the baby freaks me out big time, I love to imagine the blessing they will be to each other. And to the rest of our entire Family.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rubb a Dubb Dubb...

3 Wirthlin kids in a tub....

The other day was so warm that I gave in and allowed the kids to all have a Popsicle. Any one who knows me well knows that I freak out about messes. I though this would be the best way for everyone to win. Plus it saved me from dealing with bath-time later in the evening.

I love Luke's ribs here. Nice Luke, nice.

Darn those popsicle sticks.

Luke turns 6!

Im behind of event blogging. We have had a lot going on and I have been too lazy to post about any of it. And to top it all off my Photoshop is not useable right now and I hate posting pictures that I cant do any type of editing to, all I see are the flaws (bad lighting, over-exposed, not sharp enough... etc.) Well, enough of it all!

Here are some pictures of Luke's Birthday. Take 1, 2 and 3.

rather than a big party Luke really wanted a Wii. I have to admit, it's been a big hit with us all.

I always wished I had a Birthday during the School year, mine's in August, so that I could bring in a Birthday treat. Luke was so excited about these less than thrilling cupcakes. To him, they were the coolest things ever!!

this is part of take 2. We were in CA just a day after his Birthday so we got the Families, and a few family friends, together and had a little Dinner and cake. It was a blast. When's the last time you got this excited about a book?

Who needs an ice cream cake when you can have a vegan cookie?

Birthday take 3. He invited his 2 buddies, Charlie and Lance, to see "How to Train your Dragon." (I know I was off the hook for a party but I couldn't do nothing... its not in me.) They got Happy Meals after the movie and they're wearing their Viking hats from off of the boxes.

I let Luke dig into his cake. He thought it was pretty hilarious.

Luke had a great Birthday. Lots of cake, presents, family and friends. What more could a boy wish for?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

24 weeks

I'm really starting to pop!!! One morning this week I just woke up looking like this....

Oh the blessing and the curse it is to be sick so long. The problem? After not eating for weeks on end and finally feeling good, all I want to do is EAT!! Im hoping to chill out a little bit but I tell you, I am always hungry. I will eat till Im stuffed and within a hour I am in the kitchen again searching for another round. Its out of control. I honestly don't remember having an appetite like this with any of my others.

On a positive note I finally have the okay from the Dr. to go back to the gym. Only took 6 months!!! Uggh. So Im starting really s-l-o-w but starting none-the-less. Feels good. Even if I am too nervous to break much of a sweat.

By the way, this pregnancy needs to slow down. Its going way too fast and it scares me constantly.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet Relief

It's no secret that I have been terribly sick throughout this pregnancy. I know that I have complained more than anyone really wants to hear. At a certain point, when people would ask me how I was feeling, I would lie and say "fine" Because who wants to be met with Debbie Downer day after day? But at this point I feel fine, and I actually mean it, for the first time in months.

I am still on zofran but the difference is that it's woking again. I dont need to be on 3 different medications, as I was. And the zofran works for the entire dosage span, sometimes more. If I try to go off of it I get hit with the reality that this sickness is not over. That's got a simple answer though, stay on the medication. Feel human again. Eat. Join the rest of the World.

And o' how I can eat now.

I have cravings. I literally dream about jello. I want to drink Pepsi by the gallon (unfortunately) My poor Husband must make the 40 minute roundtrip drive to Rubio's for their Gourmet Chicken Tacos (which are to die for) I still don't do well with chocolate or sweets but I figure that's fine by me. I've never lacked in that department before so its probably a nice break for my body, and clearly for the baby.

So baby girl, thank you. Thank you for starting to give me a break. One that I know we were both due for.

P.S. I think you're cute!

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke