Saturday, July 31, 2010

our Family

Late last night, after my wonderful date with my hot Husband (where I stuffed myself surprisingly full of Cheesecake Factory delights) I found myself looking for a DVD. It was of a recorded 4D ultrasound that my Parents were interested in seeing, at least my Mom was. I found a blank DVD in the back of the drawer. I knew it wasn't what I was looking for but I was curious, so I popped it in and pressed play. It was a DVD that I made for our Parents for Christmas in 2008. I dont think I had seen it since.

I sat back and watched. Miscellaneous pictures of the kids appeared on the screen along with some mushy songs. I didn't want it to end. It was 3 or 4 songs worth of photographs. Most were of Luke and Ella from our California days. And towards the end baby Olivia come on. It was overwhelming to watch these 3 kids who I love more than anything. To see the things we did together, interactions with each other, places we'd go. It was a record of our life. It showcased those whom I love most. My Family.

I couldn't help but to think of this baby girl who will be joining in in all tomorrow. I imagined what this same video would be in a couple of years. Filled with new pictures of a Sister and a Daughter that we've yet to meet. Pictures of Olivia and she... splashing in the pool. Pictures of Luke and She, cheesy grins and skinny arms wrapped around each other.

Today at breakfast I said "Well, here's to our last day as a family of 5." And I was thinking about all of the chaos and craziness that's about to hit us all. My Mom jumped in and said, "this is your last day as an incomplete family. Tomorrow you will be complete." I loved that. I cant wait for it.

To a complete Family. 1 Dad. 1 Mom. 1 Son and 3 Daughters. The Wirthlins. Finally all together. (I hope....)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

poor girl

Can you believe this cutie just got diagnosed with her 7th ear infection in 5 months? No good. She's had constant fluid in both ears since she was about 13 months. So, after the baby is born she'll have a little visit to the ENT to discuss tubes. I know they're no biggie, it just bums me out.

The good news is that once her ears are free of constant fluid and infections, she'll probably be a lot more verbal.(At least Im thinking it will be a good thing.. its kinda' nice to have a quiet one) She's recently qualified for speech and should be starting that in a couple of weeks. We'll sure miss her constant runs of in-coherent chatter but it will be nice for all of us to get things progressing in that area.

Monday, July 26, 2010

stick a fork in her....

cuz she's done!!!

Here we are. The end of another pregnancy. Its hard to believe that this is my 4th and final time doing this. At least its my plan to be done with this stage of life. I'd love to have 5 kids but I honestly can NOT do another pregnancy. Its was just too much on everybody. I have been taught, repetitively, that my plans don't really matter or mean much. But I hope it holds true in this case. Being pregnant 4 times has been something I'll forever be thankful for but Im excited at the idea of not doing it again.

This has been the best ending to a pregnancy that I've ever had. The worst pregnancy, by far, but the best send out. Even amidst the heat of a Colorado Summer I have been fairly content and energized. The energy fades literally every single day but I am still getting things done. Life with 3 little one's cant slow down a whole lot so in most cases I havent got a choice.

I have had several friends who were due before me, the last of which has had her baby this past weekend. Thats a strange place to be... next! But I am excited. I cant wait to meet her and her Siblings are just as thrilled, if not more, than I.

My Mom and Dad come into town in 3 days, which takes a lot of stress off. I have prayed that this baby would wait until they were here and not think about coming any earlier. Just for simplicity and stress' sake. So I am even more convinced that we'll make it. I think August 1st will be a great day to be born!!!

these last few days of being pregnant are the worst for pictures. Big, big, big!!! But I had to get one last one in... for posterity.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Any guesses?

Its that time again. We did this last time and there were no winners, maybe this time someone will guess spot on.

So, play along, won't you? How big do you think this little one will be? And any last minute name suggestions? We are still not sure.

A look back...

Luke- 9 lbs. 6oz. 21 1/2" tall
Ella- 7 lbs. even. 19 1/2" tall
Olivia- 6 lbs. 15 oz. 18 1/2" tall

So I have it in me to make 'em huge and to make 'em little. Im guessing 7lbs. 4 oz. and 19 1/2 inches.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To clear up any confusion...

This is our Bjorn. Many of you know him. Many of you love him. We love him too. Bjorn is now a happy, Southern California resident, living with my Brother, his Wife and their soon to be 4 boys. (perfect life for a Golden Retriever, right?) Its a long story and, for us, its a bit sad. But in so many ways its a very happy story and we are thrilled with the end result. Any bit of sadness left is just our selfishness at not having him around... but he's happy and our kids are okay with it (thanks to Sparkle and Goldie.. our new beta fish) so thats what mattered most to me.

We miss you buddy and are already excited to see you in October. Hit the beach for us. We love you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Olivia


..and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day in the life...

So often I hear the question, what do stay at home Mom's do all day long? Today I decided to track it. More so for me to remember what a typical day's like as a very pregnant, 30 year old Mom to 3. So, here's what we got. Some days are busier and some slower so this fits right in the middle.

wake up- today I did this at 8:45am. Dave has been amazing at letting me sleep in these past few months of pregnancy. I think he knows that I dont sleep well at night much these days. Whatever the reason, its glorious and a welcome change from a typical 6:15 start time.

kids eat breakfast- this usually consists of 3 different things as none of the kids seem to want/like the same thing. Oatmeal for Luke (standard) Eggs and fruit for Olivia and fruit and a bar for Ella. Pretty standard.

Clean up from breakfast

get kids dressed. Luke has a baseball game so I get him ready for that (actually he gets ready all by himself and just asks for a little help with his shoelaces) and Ella decides last minute that she'll go as well. Its blistering hot so a sun dress it is. Pack a backpack for Ella of things to keep her entertained, as baseball really wont keep her interest for more than 10 minutes. (crayons and workbook-this packing is done by Dave)

Dave and older kids are out the door. A little rushed but I think they'll make it on time. Makes me happy that we have gas in the van.

Give Olivia some needed 1 on 1 time. I love this part. Read her a story, play "Elmo" on the iphone. Pick up after the mess she's made of shoes in various bedrooms.

get dressed. No shower yet... too much to get done while I have a quiet house.

change diaper number 3. Get Olivia cup number 2. Find lost binky. Play with, read to tickle and love Olivia before putting her down for a nap. Its now 10:45am.

Tidy up mess from Olivia's play

Make kids beds

clean up kids bathrooms... toothpaste is all over (typical)

separate Ella and Olivia's laundry.

Lug huge laundry basket (huge because its been way to long) down 2 flights of stairs.

Lug huge basket of clean clothes upstairs. Fold laundry... about 3 loads. Take a breath and make several trips upstairs to put it all away.

remember that I need to eat food too. Pour bowl of cereal and eat.

unload dishes

load sink full of dishes

wipe down kitchen counters, microwave and stove. sweep kitchen floor.

move laundry through

Church calling time. Emails, phone calls and more phone calls. Primary Program date glitch. Find new Program date. Call and email several regarding that issue.

Kids home. Lunch, different for each kid (Dave helps here too.. hooray)

Dave leaves to do reading for comprehensive exams (this happens daily) Olivia wakes up.

Change diapers, get Olivia dressed, make and feed Olivia lunch.

major clean up needed. Olivia decided to pour half of her plate of pea's and hot dog onto table, chair and floor. This is a vacuum job, not a sweep job.

Vacuum the rest of the rooms on main level since I have it out and it's pretty well needed... though I just did it 2 days ago.

Move laundry through

play with the kids. read to kids.

break up kids fights

console Olivia because she gets mad when I take away a breakable toy.

ohhh and ahh over kids artwork. Hang up in their rooms

clean up toys again that have gotten scattered all over the place

snack for kids

wipe down table ....again ( I do this about 5 times a day)

kids are at eachother. I think they're bored. Im tired so I turn on a Care Bears Movie. That seems to help for about an hour.

Movie is loosing interest. I turn it off and take kids to play outside.. its still way too hot to function at 9 months prego.

Dave gets home!!!!

slip n slide time.

I bring out ice cream sandwiches. (the soy kind... poor Luke) the kids dont seem to mind. I also bring out the watermelon and let them gobble it all up. Big clean up happens afterwards. Worth it.

go to Target

go to Petco

clean out fish tank... okay, Dave does this while I write thank you cards and put Pizza in the oven for dinner



story, scriptures, prayers and bed.

clean up after dinner. Yep... wipe down table.

thats it. Its 7:20 and here I am. Left to do... RELAX! And get some reports ready for Church meeting tomorrow morning.

A day in my life. Left out are several hugs, breaking up of arguments, elmo songs to be sung, hands and faces wiped, keeping Olivia entertained, cleaning of spills, wiping of tears, helping in the bathroom, phone calls, scheduling...etc.

Now... how am I going to do it with 1 more... with lots of prayers to get me through the day!! And some caffeine to go with 'em.

And hats off to all you other Moms out there. Most of you do more than I do and I continue to marvel at you and what you can do in a day. Most without Husbands around until dinner time... or even later. You are amazing and you inspire me. But I must say... we have the GREATEST job in the World!!!!

gotta go.... the phone's ringing!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

goodbye routine, I'll miss you

(Pregnancy posts are getting old, I know. But I have to keep a record of all of this, especially since this will be my last time doing any of this again... I hope.)

the days of 3 kids are going by in an instant. I can hardly remember life with only 2 kids. And in due time I will only vaguely be able to recall life without 4.

There are plenty of times that I am more than grateful that this pregnancy is almost over. Times like standing up after sitting for long periods of time, when my legs forget to work right and when the pain in my sciatic nerve shoots all through my body. When I wake up at 4 in the morning only to be unable to fall back asleep for 2 hours for no good reason. Its just a quiet house, a dark room, scattered thoughts and a bulging belly. But then there are times when I look down and pat my round tummy and think to myself that I am in no hurry for her to be here. That I am just fine with her inside. Inside she is safe, she is quiet. With her inside life can resume in its normal fashion. And if you know me and know how much I need schedules and routines you'll know that disrupting our Family's "normal" is hard on us all.

But sure enough, in 21 days to be exact, we will rock our schedule out of the water. A routine will be a thing of the past as I will now be thrown into someone else's. Someone who will have none. She will sleep when she wants to. She will eat when she needs to. She will cry (and if she's like my other 3 she will do this often) She will need to be held and rocked and comforted. And thats what I suspect I will do for her. I just hope that I can do what I need to do for everybody else.

So here's to simplifying. Here's to going with the flow and to schedules thrown completely out of whack. Here's to relinquishing control. This will be interesting. (but im sure going to relish in it all for another 3 weeks)

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke