Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun in Dad's cape

Wearing Daddy's old cape that was made by Grammie. Dave wore this almost daily. I love to think of Dave running around this same house in this same cape with the same excitement as Luke.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Soccer!!!

This was Luke's first time ever playing Soccer. He did really well and even scored a goal in the game. He said the game part was "too long" and he called the blue team, "bad guy's" but he really loved practice. On our way home he wanted to get a soccer ball of his own so he could practice with Dad in the backyard. I love this stuff!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Laguna shoot

here are an array of shots taken by Annie Crane in Laguna. We loved the opportunity to be part of her art, these will be family treasures for many years.
I think we will need to do this more often.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ella had her first manicure this afternoon. After her bath, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a forgotten  bottle of red nail polish sitting in a shelf. I had to give it a go, this is one of the reasons why I had a girl, right? 
To my surprise Ella was totally into the whole thing! She has never sat so still in her life. In fact I may bring nail polish and remover in my church bag each week. I'll just put it on and take it off for a hour.... maybe that will make it a quiet Sacrament Meeting for everyone.
Anyways, Ella was so cute. She sat there, hardly breathing. And when I was done she continued blowing her nails for about 5 minutes. 
I cant wait until the day when we are sitting together in a nail spa enjoying getting pampered and chatting about cute boys. Well, at least I cant wait for the pampering part.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ella's 2 year appointment

Ella went to the Doctor the other day for her 2 year check-up. She got really excited to go for some reason so I was crossing my fingers that she would be that happy about it when we arrived. 
She did great and was quite the charmer with the office. Dr. Openshaw was doing some of her routine check's  and when she got to Ella's ear stated to laugh a bit. She asked if she had been feeling ok and I explained that she had been coughing here and there for over a month. She only ran a fever once during that entire time and didn't really complain about anything in particular. The Doctor went on to inform me that she had a terrible ear infection. Wow! That makes me feel like a stellar Mom."Maybe thats why she hasn't been eating much or sleeping without interruption lately." I say. If I try to lighten the situation she might not think that I am the worst Mom ever.
Then it was on to her measurements. They had to do her head twice because they thought it odd it hadn't grown in 6 months. Nope, no error. Her head is tiny, as usual and like her parents. Her weight was in the 60th percentile at 27.6 and her height was pretty far off the charts at 37.5 inches. Where did I get these insanely tall kids from?
She didn't even cry for her shots but did get mad and say, "Hey! That's my Ella's arm." 
She is indeed a big girl and we love every inch and pound.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We purchased our flights to Europe! I am so excited and cant believe we are really going to do this. This March we will be in Switzerland with Dave's parents :) and
Paris for a few days! And no, we are not bringing our kids. I have the best Family.
Words can not express how excited I am ... so I will just end this post.
Bottom line, we are going. Its official. And we are stoked.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

our new Sunbeam

Luke has been begging me to go to Primary now for months. Nursery has become too "boring" for him and he makes sure to express this fact each and every week. 
But today was the big day that all of that was going to change. Today is the day that my little (although he towers over all 9 of his classmates) boy went to Primary. 
I watched him go in where he quietly took his front-row seat and sat, eyes wide-open. He was so happy and excited to finally be in this big kid room. I sat for a few moments and realized something sort of sad. He did not need me for this leap. He never looked back, never asked me to stay. He was not afraid. I knew he was ready for this step. 
I walked by a few times during the first hour. Not once did he even glance my way. He was participating in sharing time and sitting quietly in his chair. At one point one of the leaders said, reassuringly, "he's doing just fine." I knew this, I had no doubt that he'd be one of the most still and one of the best listeners. I wasn't watching him for his sake, I was watching him for mine. I had to watch the day that my baby was becoming a big boy... in front of my very eyes.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A New Hope

Over the past 2 1/2 years my house has become home to many of Luke's loves. He has a tendency to get into a thing and from there it becomes almost an infatuation. 
It started when he was 18 months old. I remember the day well. I went with my friend, Tara, and her son to the mall where we stopped into the "Thomas" store. At the time Dane really liked trains and insisted we visit, I was happy to oblige. Upon walking in a saw Luke's eyes light up. He jumped out of the stroller and over to the little train table that was set up with tracks and trains. There he played for over 20 minutes, until I pulled him away for the second time. The first attempt was anything but smooth. He yelled and screamed for more "choo-choo" I loosened my grasp and let him continue for a bit longer. I knew the only way to get him back in his stroller so I began my search. The success back to the seat was all due to the beginning of many random mall trips, bribes, Christmas and Birthday gifts. I pulled out from a cheep plastic bag a "D199" and a "Arthur". It was the best trip to the mall I have ever had.
Thomas and friends kept Luke busy for hours on end. Most of the things out of his mouth were somehow related to trains and engines. All coloring books became "Thomas" coloring books, we sought out deals on tracks and tunnels, Luke had memorized more train names then I ever knew possible. And we had suddenly become very aware of our foot-placing due to the many new small items all over our floors.
It was bitter-sweet when the infatuation started to die down 6 months ago. I now have turned the train table top over to the white side, rather then the city scape. I have a huge plastic bin filled with all the trains and tracks a little boy (or girl) could ever want and the names of trains are starting to escape my memory.
However, we now have a new set of names and faces to learn. Star Wars has started the invasion into my home now. Light sabers and tiny figurines took the place of the trains in my trundle drawers in the Family Room. The new favorite underwear choice is a Jedi Knight rather then a cute little blue engine. And Luke's lip's utter sounds of shooting guns rather than the sweet "choo-choo" I heard everyday for years. 
I welcome the new challenge of learning all about this "all boy" world that began in a Galaxy far... far away. And has seemed to land here;on Sugarloaf St.... in the present.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sledding fun in Big Bear

I love the FV 1 Ward girls. BTW...We really missed you Tiff.
back row: kim ward, kelsey schloderer, megan farnsworth, amy, julie carr, chelsea carr
middle row: cheyanne king, linda parker, emma parker, jill, maddie ward, katherine engleman
bottom row: lee anne terry, carly schloderer, jackie matthews, keri lopez, breanna wilson, ashly dalebout

For hours we ALL made various formations together as we glided down the sledding hill. By the end of the day we had a ton of people watching as our turn came up... cheering and applauding. It was so much fun. 

I actually got a shot in there. I love the cold!!! I was sad to leave it after it had been so long. I feel we will be living in it again next year though.

One of the many group trips down the hill

The Young Women in my ward are amazing and I adore them completely. I had the opportunity to go to Sister Ward's cabin in Arrowhead for 2 days with my girls... it was such fun!
We played cards, had a dance party (complete with glow sticks) watch movies, stayed up late chatting, ate...ate....ate, and went sledding for hours in Big Bear. It was so nice to see all the girls together, bonding and having fun. I felt like I was a Mia Maid again myself. Sometimes I have to pull myself back and realize that I am almost 30, not 16. My girls and I were chatting and dancing and one of them said, "I wish you were our age. You would be like our best friend." It got me thinking that as much as I love them and enjoy feeling 15 again, I am so glad I am where I am in my life. 
I am so thankful for the blessing it has been in to be a leader in this fantastic program our church has. I am grateful for the Young Women and the countless things they teach me. I appreciate that they trust me enough to be real with me and to let me in on what's going on in their life, I feel it a privilege to associate with them all. And I am thankful for leaders like Sister Carr, Sister Ward and Sister Parker who do such an inspiring job at leading and loving these girls. There is nothing that they wouldn't do for them. They teach me so much in the way that they love and devote their time and energy to these girls. And I am grateful to my Husband for supporting me and not once complaining while I was up on the mountain playing and socializing while he was home with the kids. He is the best and I am so in love with him!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

December 29... Ella's birthday party

This party had bouncing, bubbles, spinning, parachutes, rolling, dancing, balancing, running, sweets, jumping, swinging... And no set-up or clean-up. The way to go from now on for us!

This part was the favorite
most of the clan (look how perfectly Bobby is posing)... where's Jake Harvey?

My 2 year old

Our little Family. We didn't plan to have the boys match.

she did a great job blowing out her candles

Ella was so excited to finally eat her care bears cake and cupcakes. At that point she saw and did nothing else.

Ella had the most fun birthday party at "The Little Gym" on Saturday. She got a little distracted in the middle of the event when she noticed an entire room filled with all things "Care Bear" (and balloons) but by the time the air track came out she decided to join in the excitement again. It was a lot of fun for me to watch all the kids running around and enjoying themselves. I don't think Ben stopped smiling the entire time. Or his Dad for that matter. Luke said he cant wait until March 11th so that he can have his "Star Wars" party there too.
Thanks to all who were able to come and make it so memorable for us. We love you.

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke