Thursday, June 28, 2007

The kids first Angels game

Just a couple of shots from the kids first Professional athletic event. It was so much fun and the kids did so well. It was very hot and we had zero shade so we left after 90 minutes. Thats the best part of free tickets, its easy to walk away when the fun is over. Luke is even more convinced that he wants to be a baseball player for Halloween this year. Although he informed me that he needs a hat just like the real baseball guys.
Thanks for the seats Dad. We had a fun time.

Transformers early screening

Our good friends, Brad and Vanessa, invited us to a VIP Transformers event in LA last night. I must admit that my initial reason for going was more to have a night out and less to see the actual show as I was less then interested in it. But now I must say that it was one of the most fun and entertaining movies I have seen in a very long time. I highly recommend everyone see it... I see now why this is projected to be such a huge success.
Thanks Tingey's for such a great evening, on many levels.

This is one of the actual transformers on display at the premier in Westwood Village, Bumble-bee. Sorry its from was to far to get the front angle.

The actual car before it transformed.

Friday, June 22, 2007

An afternoon at Newport

We had a great day at the beach today with our friends the Tingey's. Brad built sandcastles with Luke for a long time while the 2 girls played contently with their pails in the sand. Ella thought it would be fun to use one of the buckets as a hat, unfortunately it was filled with sand. She went in the water for the very first time and even went all the way under...her mommy is so mean. But she didnt cry so that made me feel a little less like a jerk.
Thanks for playing with us today Tingey's. And thanks for all the sandcastle fun Brad. I think Luke loves you even more now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And she eats again

For the first time in a week ella finally ate Sunday! She still only does one meal a day and has dropped 5 lbs. since her kidney infection started but we are on the up's!!

Luke the Gymnast

Luke has had a great time in his gym class at "The Little Gym" These are a few shots from his final day at their little performance. At the end I think ella caught on. She would jump on the mat and then do her pose, she was actually a great gymnast. I think she will be enrolled for the Summer. She could walk across the length of the balance beam, I of course was beaming. Especially since beam was my worst apparatus.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poor Ella

Ella was admitted into CHOC hospital's ER yesterday with a fever of 106 degrees and dehydration. She had been sick for 5 days with raging temps and has been totally lethargic as well. They ran all sorts of tests and after hours or resting, waiting and some re-testing we found out she has a kidney infection. The ER was awful. They had to put a catheter in twice and 3 nurses had to hold her down for 45 min. while they took 8 viles of blood. It was the hardest thing in the world to hold her down and watch her scream so loud and so much she almost threw-up. The nurse said that ella was the strongest girl in the ER that she had ever had to draw blood from. I think we're in trouble in her teen years.
So she had lots of fluids and antibiotics pumped into her blood stream and we were released at 3:30am. We will just have a few follow-up appt at her dr's office. Then, at the end of the 10 day antibiotic, we will be running a few tests and doing some ultrasounds. They want to be sure everything is anatomically right with her as she is really young to be getting a kidney infection.
We will keep you all posted as we know more. But for now she is good!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

So this is what we're working so hard for.

This is so disturbing. We do so much and work so hard to involve our boys in this great program. This stuff just makes me sick. Something needs to be done to make the OC council responsible for all our hard-earned money...for the BSA, not drinks and private beaches!!!
I am involved in Scouting in our ward, maybe thats part of why this stings even harder.

Boy Scouts execs splurge

Local council's records on trip to Key West show spending on alcohol, pricey food, golf.
The Orange County Register

S'mores and "Kumbaya" it ain't.
The Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa is touted as Key West's premier hotel, with three restaurants and four bars.
The Florida hotel's Web site features a topless woman gazing at sun-dappled waters beyond a private white sand beach.
Guests are invited to "mix business with pleasure."
Orange County Boy Scouts chief Leslie Baron and 31 Scouting executives from around the nation did just that in January, with the Orange County chapter picking up the tab for more than $27,000 in banquets, cocktails, rounds of golf and fishing trips.
Rooms for the three Orange County delegates were an additional $5,200.
According to internal receipts and financial documents obtained by The Orange County Register, Baron and his colleagues from around the country:
• Ran up a tab of $210 for alcoholic beverages that included Big Ass Cab, chocolate martinis and Granny Smith cocktails. Paying for alcohol is not an approved expense in Scouting organizations.
• Dined on prime rib at $20 a person and consumed $210 worth of Parmesan-crusted artichoke hearts stuffed with goat cheese mousse.
• Took fishing trips on chartered boats in the Gulf of Mexico at $540 per boat.
• Golfed at the nation's only Caribbean course, where greens fees run $160.
As a charity group, the Boy Scouts paid no taxes on any of the costs.
The Boy Scouts of America's Orange County Council picked up most of the tab for the weekend conference in Key West, but was reimbursed within 30 days by the other Scouting groups that attended, officials said.
However, council spokeswoman Lara Fisher said she could not release any documents showing that those reimbursements were made.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I have been Bitten

This stuff is to die for. Great texture, very stylish and everything is under $20...seriously! SJP has made it so that now everyone can afford to look incredible ans still be able to afford to live. I am amazed by her passion and her insight. Check it out.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Adventure City

This place was so much fun. I recommend it, especially for kids 2 and over. But its still worth it for younger kids I believe. Luke loved all the rides and I loved that there were hardly any people here! I think it was $13 a person and its in Anaheim off Beach and Ball. This was the most Family fun place we had been to in a while, I wish they had season passes!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blasting Off!!!

So Luke has been really into make-believe lately. We pretend that we are on a space ship or an airplane about 30 times a day...not overstated. But the fun part has been where we go and what we see.

Today we tok off on a great adventure. It always starts with him buckling our searbelts, Im glad we are rasing such a safety-conscious Son, and blasting off with"5..4..3..2..1..blast off!!" Then he shakes a little bit and says its windy outside. Today we started out going to China where he got us some Peanut Butter sandwiches, then to Taiwan to get some suckers at the candy factory, the moon, the Sun ( where we put on our hats and sunscreen and then left because Luke said it was too hot) and we ended up at the movies to see 'Shrek" where we ate some popcorn, dots, and had some "spicy" aka soda.

Now this is so funny because it is all led by Luke. Where we go, what we wear and what we do when we get there. So that was my adventures on Lukes rocket today. Wonder where we'll go tomorrow? Life with a 3 year old is getting prety great!! Most of the time at least.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Website #2 here we go

I wanted to try a more user friendly way of posting random thoughts and pictures. I enjoy having our web site but this can serve as a more informal setting for me.
My thoughts today? I am happy to be home with my kids. Sometimes I glorify working and miss my previous job in the land of the grown-up's. But I have been covering for the last 2 days at the ICC and I think its good for me to acknowledge that being at home is really where I want to be. Even with the lack of praise and adult conversations.
And thought #2. I have been playing this song over and over again since we saw him perform live at Royce Hall a couple of weeks ago. On a side note...that was the most amazing show I have ever heard. He did a solo tour with Jonathan Rice and Ben Gibbard. I cant stop replaying the show. And "he"is David Bazan.
And a plug to get you to our family site.

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke