Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer swimming

I have found out that Summer swim lessons are my new favorite thing.

We have had a blast these past 2 weeks. It gets us all to the pool each day, Olivia sits in her stroller eating puffs as the kids splash and play and Mom soaks up some much needed rays. And when lessons are over we all head to the other pools and keep going for a little while. By the time we get home and eat lunch I have 3 sleepy kids and a happy, sunned Mom. These have been great days indeed. Im actually a little sorry to be leaving these amazing community pools for 3 weeks. I love the beach but its a whole lot more work than a lazy, sand-less pool 10 houses away!

Sat it ain't so

There's something I am learning as I near 30 in August; the calender doesn't lie. So I suppose it's true. My baby is 9 months old today.


It's more than mind boggling but at the same time I can't seem to clearly remember life without her in it. I think because everything is so much better now that she is in our Family. What a blessing she's been to us all.


Olivia has her 9 month appointment a little earlier than her 9 month mark but here were her stats. ( This is why I love blogs, I get to keep track of this stuff on here)
Weight- 14 lbs. 11 oz. 3rd percentile
Length- 27 1/4 " 50th percentile
We love going into the Doctors office. Its kinda' fun that everyone knows her and makes a big deal when she comes in. I realize how that must sound but.... it's the truth.


Olivia has finally started taking some good naps. She has always been a great sleeper at night and is upto a solid 12 hours, but her naps have always been more cat naps. This past week she's been napping a solid 2 (and even 3 one day) hours. I have forgotten how nice it was to have a few hours each afternoon where I can have some good down time to do with it what I want. Lately thats been Primary stuff.

She's an active and very observant girl. I know it seems like 2 totally opposite traits but its true. She loves to be a part of the action but there are many times where she's just as happy to sit on my lap or in her stroller at the pool and to just watch every little thing. She's been my dream baby, other than the fact that she hates the car. But since we're on #3 of 3 who have equally felt this way I dont even know the difference.

Olivia is a very curious little girl. She trys to figure things out and loves to study all the parts of something. We have tried to skip all the gates and to just use other means by which to childproof the stars. It worked for about 10 minutes before she figured her way through all of our contraptions.


She's quite verbal when she wants to be. Loving to babble, especially "mama" "dada" and "nana" She's now waiving, which the kids absolutely think is the coolest thing in the world. And she loves to eat. When she see's anyone eating she always makes it known that she wants some too.

She loves to crawl and has gotten really fast over this past month of doing so. Though I think the only reason she does it is to get to something where she can stand. She loves to stand. I have never had a baby who enjoyed it so much. I think it helps Liv to feel big like her siblings.

And this girl LOVES water. She could be in the pool all day long. Ella was always a water baby but Olivia is even more so. It's been so much fun going to the pool everyday these past 2 weeks.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big changes

Well..... I have known for some time now but it's official as of today.

I have been called as the Primary President in our Ward. We have about 100 children.... ahhh!!! But I am super excited!!! And I have the best Councilors by my side.

Get your great idea's out, Im sure I'll be asking you all for examples of things you do in Primary that the kids love.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ella's first recital

Yesterday was what being the Mom of a girl was all about. Pink, lace, frills, sequence, ballet shoes. It was all there in overdrive. 
Ella had her first ballet recital. She was a star! She performed beautifully and wasn't a bit scared as she shook her stuff in front of hundreds of people.
She lit up realizing that all these people were here to see her! When it was really just Dave and I. But in her head, they were all there to gaze and smile upon her beauty.
And I have to admit, I teared up a little upon watching my little girl up on that big stage, so pretty and confident. I cant wait for many more of these types of experiences with my girls!

making her wish that she'd do well. which she did

The make-up was a little much but they really wanted them to wear it. Her eyes kill me when she's got this mascara on.




Sunday, June 14, 2009

My sheep

I was so proud of myself for doing something technical all by myself tonight.

I believe it all speaks for itself. There are no words I could really add.

Friday, June 12, 2009

looking ahead

When I first brought Ella home from the Hospital on that cold Christmas Eve I felt confident. I was happy. I was blessed with a boy and a baby girl, she was perfect. I envisioned all of the things that most do when they think about girls. Pink, box pleats, dresses, bows, a shopping companion. Yes, it was going to be great. Having this little girl was all I ever dreamt about.

What I didnt know was how hard that first year was going to be. With a Son, not even 2 and developmentally and emotionally about 13 months, and this little baby girl in tow. It proved to be one of the hardest times I've yet to face. I felt so defeated. I stopped looking into the future and could only think of getting through the day. Sometime through the hour. I wondered often what we were thinking. Why did we plan this? Actually plan to have these kids so close together.

Now, here I am. All these years later. And as I listen to the daily interchanges between these 2 kids of mine I smile. I listen to dialogs of all sorts. Puppies and hero's. Villains and princesses. They are better, happier people because of each other. Each one of them has grown and developed in ways they would have never done had it not been for the other. They are best friends. A girl and her boy. Its perfect. Just as I had planned all those years back.

Im grateful for a Heavenly Father who knows and see's all. I find total peace in that fact. I know He will direct me in the right paths if I put my faith in Him and do as he asks. So many live their life in fear, especially in these times. But I find a calmness and reassurance. And with each big change that comes our way I feel this.

We cant know our futures. We can only live our best todays. Because life is made up of all the minutes that pass us by.

And after all those minutes here we are. 2 kids that love oneanother. That play together each day. In a way they complete each other. And I couldn't be more grateful for their spacing. All of those early days and months, they were all for this. And they have more than paid off.

Now as I see Olivia chasing after them, wanting so badly to be where they are and to do what they do. I just smile. I think of what my life has become. I think of all that I have been blessed with. And it makes me want to jump in and feel everything so completely. It goes too fast. And Im excited to soak up each day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My parrot

My baby girl is such a parrot. I was yelling "Nana" across the house trying to get my Mom to come upstairs. Suddenly Olivia started chiming in. I had to get the photo booth out to get it on tape.
She is so fun! I absolutely love being her Mom.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

When I am Baptized

Today was a very special day. Dillion was baptized this morning and what a beautiful one it was. He and his friend, Hallee, sang a beautiful song. As they stood there in white I couldn't help but to reflect on Dillon's 8 years. What an incredible little boy he is, so many special memories I have of him. The spirit was very strong. I was not quite ready to get up right after their singing to give my talk on Baptism... they were amazing.
It was a great opportunity to reflect on my own baptism day so long ago. I remember a lot about that day, especially how I felt. So happy and good inside. The same way I could tell Dill felt today.
I love this boy so much!

even a bad picture is better than no picture I suppose

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our itty bitty crawler

Most babies Olivia's age have about 5 lbs. on her. Now that may not sound like a lot but when you consider that its taken Liv 5 weeks to gain a single pound it's clear just how much that is. So when she crawls, especially from behind, she looks like she's 4 months old rather than 8. 
I hate this stage but watching tiny Olivia cruise the house is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.
And on a side note, Olivia has started pulling herself up on the couch. That night I told Dave it was more than past time where we needed to lower the crib. The next morning, after her nap, we walked into Olivia standing up in her crib. Man, I about had a panic attack about how close we cut it. We were a day away from a broken arm, thats all she (and we) needed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Erin and Whit's big day!!!

We have been so busy and I am already way behind in posting. Luke and Ella had their last day of Pre-school, Dave turned 32, we have a full-blown crawler getting into everything, School Zoo trip.

But the most exciting is that one of my closest friends married her best friend and other half. Erin and Whit got married on Saturday at Balboa Yacht Club in CDM. It was beautiful, everything! I was sad that I was so busy with Ella that I only got a few quick shots in. I could have taken pictures of their bliss for hours if I weren't so nervous about Ella and all of the water.



I just love this one for some reason. He just looks the part of helpful Husband already!
Ella was a darling flower girl. She and her new best friend, Jayda, were amazing! I was in awe at what a great job these little 3 year olds did amidst the long day. Ella had a great time in the boat that we were in as the final details were taken care of and guests arrived and were seated (2 hours) She was a star and loved every second of all of the attention. Complete strangers were coming up to her taking her picture and complimenting her perfect flower tosses.



And when the dancing started man did she ever get down. I have never seen her dance like that, it was a bit nerve-wracking. She made lots of friends on the dance floor. She was a doll and I was so proud of her for all of her hard work and care in her "job"

On a side note. With all the Wedding talk even she couldn't help but to get excited about being a bride one day. She informed everyone that she was going to marry Lance one day too! When asked where they'd Honeymoon she thought a minute and replied. "to Target!!!"

it was a lot of fun to just hang with my big girl for a few days!

she had a great time running around with Jayda, they were a great pair.

and seriously, this cake? Erin's mom made it, she's amazing!!!

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke