Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Does this count as covering the song for you?

Happy anniversary. Love you Jill.

6 years... and it feels so good.

6 years ago today Dave and I entered into the Holy Temple in Los Angeles. 6 years ago today we were married for time and all of Eternity. 6 years ago today we started on the greatest adventures of our lives. 6 years ago today is when I felt like my life truly began.
I will never forget feeling a little nervous. Waking up early, after getting no sleep the night before. Getting ready, making sure every curl was perfectly in place. That every eyelash was darkened and that my cheeks were the sweetest shade of rosy pink. Getting my dress out and admiring it on the hanger for the last time, knowing that this was finally the day I would get to wear it for Dave. 
I remember hearing a knock on the door around 7am. I knew who I'd find behind that door. And I remember grinning from ear to ear when I saw my future Husband as I swung it wide. Time froze for a little while. And I knew that he was the path to almost every happiness I could have. I knew that he would be behind every good door for the rest of our lives together.
So Happy Anniversary honey. Its true that I have loved you more every day of our lives together. This journey would not be half what it is if it were not for you. 
I don't believe that there is only 1 person out there that you could have a happy life with. But I do believe, know in fact, that there is no one as perfect for me as you. Its as if we were made for one another and we fit together like 2 pieces of the same puzzle. 
6 years ago today I could have never imagined how much love was in store for me..... 6 years ago today.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I never imagined

(I had to add this picture as I just got it. My friend, Shari, edited it for me. Olivia's skin was patchy in the original due to her medication, it makes all of her skin dry and red. I just love this shot now, its of her blessing day a month ago. Thanks again Shari. I really am grateful for your editing talents.)

I have heard about people who would go to the movies with their babies in tow. Heard about it but never attempted it. I just couldn't wrap by head around how they did it. 2 hours in the same seat with a child whom you cant even bribe with gummy bears yet? Never could imagine.
Today I did it.
Like I said, to many this is not such a big thing. Certainly not blog worthy. To me.... HUGE!!! My other kids were hard enough to keep calm in a swing or even my arms. Yet with Olivia I could se it. I could see how people did such a thing.
And we did.
Bolt was fantastic. But not near as much as the personal gratification that came with having Olivia there with us. She was great. Didn't make a peep. I never had to get out of my seat with her. Never had to shush her. Just got to enjoy a movie with my entire family. It was a momentous occasion.
Olivia makes it easy to imagine having another.... just not anytime soon.

I didnt have my camera to capture the event. I took this with the MacBook after we got home... better than nothing, right?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Olivia, my sweet 3 month old.

What a whirlwind it has been to watch you, care for you, love you, worry over you and enjoy you these past 3 months.
This month has truly been my favorite. I have finally gotten to know the real you. The Olivia I always knew was behind those eyes, masked by pain and cries. And what you have shown  me has brought nothing but pure and absolute joy. 
Olivia, you have gone from our hardest baby to our easiest. I believe that you will take after your sweet Brother with that laid back and calm temperament. Yet you want to be apart of all that is going on around you. Since the start others have commented on how aware and how alert and attentive you were. That has continued to grow. You want to be a part of what's going on. If there is noise and chaos you just love to sit back and take it all in. You want to be right there with us at the dinner table, carefully studying every move and sound.
You have especially gotten into toys and your play mat. Its one of your favorite places to be. Forget swinging you want to be under all of your toys on your mat, reaching, grabbing, talking and watching. I have a feeling  you will be an intellectual... much like your Dad. The way you study, so intensely and carefully. Its a thrill to watch.
Daddy gave you a beautiful blessing and in it he said that you would share many of the great qualities and traits of the person whom you were named after, your GG. It brought immediate tears that streamed down my face. I have yet to meet anyone more admirable and as much like our Heavenly Father. You have big shoes to fill but it humbles me to know you will be up for the challenge. I know you will do and be incredible, just as she is. 
You are sweet and happy. Always glad to give another a smile but you make them work at it a little bit. Unlike your Sister who threw them every which way there is more thought in your grins. You light up a room with your large smile as your eyes get even bigger and share a sparkle. And your laugh is so sweet and endearing it almost makes me cry.
You have given me more happiness than you will or could ever know. Peace has come into our home through your sweet  spirit, which has been held back millennia's for this particular time. I swell with joy when I think of you and have simply loved being your Mother.
I cant wait to see you grow over the next 3 months. You get more fun, more beautiful andeven  sweeter each day.
I love and adore you my love.
Your Mommy

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ella's day

Unfortunately our Ella Bella was a little under the weather (shouldn't that be illegal on your Birthday?) so we ended up having a mellow day at home. What I realized from it? You don't have to spend an entire day going and doing to make the day special. Plus it's cheeper.
We had french toast sticks for breakfast and spent the morning playing with her new toys. All we needed to get her was the Princess dress. She had it on all day long, except for while she was eating hence our little birthday nude.
This evening was great. The Wilkins crew came over for pizza and cake. We are so, so grateful that we're all so close. Its so nice to still have family to be with so frequently and especially for special occasions. And thanks to them for getting her the cutest dress coat I have ever laid eyes on.
When she's feeling well she and Mom are going to go get her first manicure at Happy Nails. Because big girls get to do things like pamper themselves. And Mommies have girls for these reasons.

The gang. Eventally when Livvie is a little older there will finally be one more girl in all of our pictures.

Luke got to eat his first regular cupcake and frosting as we realized a few regular store brand's were dairy-free. He was so thrilled to be able to eat the regular Birthday treats with everyone else. Its been 2 years since he's been able to do that.

Seriously, how cute is Dillon?

I think she just ate the frosting.

one down 2 to go

getting a kick out of everyone singing to her.

what she wore all day long

Happy Birthday my very "favorite big girl"

I now find the need to tell Ella that she's my favorite "big" girl. Or my favorite 2 year old girl. No more exclusivity on my "favorite girl" in the whole wide world. She's been accepting of these change's in phrases.
So today I'd like to wish my favorite 3 year old Princess a Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
I am so totally and completely in love with my Ella. She is everything I ever wished for when I dreamt about the girl I would one day have. Complete with blue eyes and blonde hair. Though I could have never imagined the amount of strength, smart's, heart and independence that my Daughter would have.
Ella is about as smart and mature as they come, everyone is always shocked when I tell them her age. Even the Dentist said she was one of the most grown-up 3 year olds he'd met, she thought that was pretty cool. She loves all things pink and frilly but also adores getting dirty and playing hard.Ella is so independent that it sometimes drives us crazy, though I know it will be a great strength to her throughout her life. She is capable and strong. She dreams about ballet, her Papa and cuddling. She is an absolutely wonderful big sister and has fully exceeded my expectations in that department. Ella can play make-believe with her dolls and ponies for hours (I love to listen to the things that she has her "friends" say and do) she truly has a phenomenal imagination. She is one of the most loving, kind and thoughtful little girls I know and she is certainly the most social one (though I wish she had a tiny bit of fear when it came to others) Its no wonder that she makes friends and admirers where ever she goes. ( while on our flight to CA she had to use the potty. Each person in the isle got a friendly smile and a warm pat on the leg. It even made the stern, grown men smile) She has a great gift with expressing love to all people and is the one you want around when you've had a sad day.
It is a treat to be your Mommy Ella. I am so grateful that 3 years ago you came down to our little family. Everyday with you is brighter and more cheery. You challenge us yet you love us in ways that blow me away. Practically nothing makes me happier than watching you be who you are. Who Heavenly Father made you to be. A strength and power that will be a force to be reckoned with. I know you will continue to humble, amaze, wow and surprise us all of our lives.
Happy Birthday my love... what a fun day December 23rd is...... we get to celebrate you!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Christmas outfits

We were literally running out the door to Church and I had to get a few shots of the kids in their Holiday get-up. They were really excited to finally wear their new Church outfits, my kids love clothes!!!!
So here there are looking so fine. Unfortunately I now have pink eye in my right eye and Ella has a cough so we left Church after Sacrament Meeting. Though it was still enough time for Olivia to spit up on her dress, as we were leaving no-less. Why do I buy anything dry clean only? I honestly need to check labels before I jump on the sale. O' well... worth it!

Friday, December 19, 2008

We are bowlers

Loving the alley I guess. She slept most of the time in her car seat.

Thank goodness for bumpers.

Yes, on her first attempt she knocked down all but 1 pin. She even got a strike once.

Lukie loved this day.

Dave, probably getting a strike!

Mom did horribly.

I love this because it makes her look like she has some chubb to her, she doesn't.

Liv the bowler, she was so good and didnt make a peep the whole time, who is this girl? I love how huge her 0-3 still is on her.

Ella getting ready to go

I discovered this morning that the Bowling Alley near our home has .99cent games from 9-11am. I jumped on the deal! We got the kids ready and hurried them into the car to make it. They were excited to see where we were going... we said it was a surprise. When we pulled up they were thrilled, which was a surprise in and of itself since I didn't know if they even knew what bowling was.
We had a great time. Dave won, followed by a close Ella in second, im not kidding you, she beat me. 
In the car on the way home Luke summed it up. "That was a good surprise!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our gift

Liv hated being on this box so I shot fast. We didnt get much but thought I would still share. She is certainly the best Christmas gift we got this year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dentist time

The kids were actually looking forward to going to the dentist today. Seriously. Counting down the days. They certainly dont take after me. Those of you who know my greatest fears know that #2 on my list is the dentist. I feel nauseated just thinking about it. 
The kids did wonderfully! Ella let them clean her teeth, take x-rays, do a fluoride treatment and allowed the Dentist to examine her... all without a single sound. I was floored. They kept saying they could not believe how well she was doing, especially considering the fact she's not even quite 3. I was proud. I think Luke was even prouder.
And, like always, Luke was a star. He really wanted to know what was next. What the flavor was, how it would feel, what color the toothbrush was going to be, when he'd get water. It was fun to listen to him asking so many questions. I could tell he was a little nervous but he never showed it.
They were such all-stars. I hope they never get the dental fear, like their scaredy-cat Mommy.

(these were taken with the iphone so they're not great)
this is how Olivia spent the hour... and the 45 min. afterwards at McDonald's too! Having a baby that will hangout in her carseat is a new development for me, I love it!!!

getting ready for x-rays. He's in pj's as it was Polar Express day at School.

Ella the super star

Brave Lukie

checking herself out after all the cleaning was done. They loved that you got to wear sunglasses while getting the cleaning.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wirthlin Christmas Card

We just didnt have enough money this year to send out cards to everyone we wanted to. So if we missed you this year I just wanted to send you one via blogspot. And let you know we are thinking about all of our friends and are especially grateful for you this time of year.
I didnt send a letter, gets too costly and too much work. But I am going to post an individual post about each of us and our doings in 2008. Mostly for me as this serves as our annual family journal and I make our blog into a book at the end of each year.
So here we are.. in all of our glory. 
Merry Christmas!!! We love you all.

(and thanks to Sheri for this cute picture)

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke



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