Saturday, September 29, 2007

And the ring goes to....

Today as Ella napped Lukie and I had some fun conversations. My favorite one went like this:

Jill:"Mommy and Daddy get to be married forever and one day you will get to be married too, just like we are"
Luke: " Well, I want to marry you too, just like Daddy did"
Jill: " That is so sweet Lukie but you cant marry me because I am your Mommy.. you cant marry your Mama"
Luke: "Who can I marry?"
Jill: "Well, you will find your favorite girl after you get home from your Mission and you can ask her to marry you"
Luke: "O ok. My favorite girl is Nana so I chose her. I want to marry Nana"

Luke loves his Nana and asks to go to her house practically everyday. I don't know what we will all do without her when we move in a year.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

We love to swim

We all really love swimming at Nana and Papa's house. It is so much fun to splash and play in their heated (usually) pool all year round. We have made lots of great memories with friends and family in this little pool and I know there are many more yet to be made. 

Luke looking so handsome

It wasn't long ago that Luke wouldn't leave the step. Now he loves to be on this "boat" and float around the whole pool. Maybe one day he'll venture putting his face under water.

On the other hand there's Ella, our fish. In fact on this day when we got out she proudly announced to everyone, "I'm a fish!!"

Ella loves her Cousin Ben. Who doesn't love this cool kid?

She had just got done jumping in and going all the way under the water. She always comes up smiles.

Ella loves to swim with her Papa. Notice that my Dad has on a spring suit. That shows you how cold the water was. Nobody intended to go in it until I walked out with Ella to put her feet in, hoping it would convince her that she really didn't want to swim. About 2 seconds later she was shoulder deep in the pool asking for Papa to come in and swim with her. About 20 seconds later all the other kids were in as well. Crazy kids... no cares of temperature as long as there is fun involved.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by Regina so here we go. This is a fun one.
What I was doing 10 years ago. 
I had just graduated from High School and had started working at 24 Hour Fitness, where I stayed for 4 years... I loved that job. I was living at home and going to School at G-Dub. I spent most of my free-time with my best friends who were Sara Torgerson,Scott Tanner, Craig Trounce, Richie Rylander and Brian Markham. I had so much fun with that group of amazing people. I was having fun and getting ready to move out into my first apartment and get my first car. That time of my life was so care-free and fun-filled. It was an important time in my life and I look back on it so fondly.
What I was doing 5 years ago.
I was recently engaged to the man of my dreams. We were young and madly in love. A day didn't go by from the day we were engaged to the day we were married when we did not see each other. We were planning our Wedding and making lots of plans. I had just moved back home from the coolest house with the coolest room mates. I was trying to save money for my upcoming marriage.I was in the Relief Society in the Singles Ward and was learning and growing so much. I had the best job working as an Office Manage for Dr. Kroes in Irvine where I had been for 2 years. It was an exhilarating and beautiful time in my life. All my dreams had become very real and I never imagined being able to be so happy... and I am a pretty happy person.
What was I doing a year ago.
We had just graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and moved back to CA. I was adjusting to having most of my things in a storage unit in Fountain Valley and to living with my In-Laws (that was a dream) I was trying to move on from my life and friends in Chicago and focused on making new friends back here.
What was I doing yesterday.
Dave and I left Luke with my Mom and he got to go to the Airport to drop off Papa. The 3 of us went to Islands and had a great lunch. Ella is so easy when we go out to eat because she loves food and just gets lost in it all. She was making lots of cute faces at everyone and being so silly. We walked around Bella Terra where Ella met a new friend who she proceeded to run, jump and scream with for 30 minutes. Then we went to my Moms where we chatted with Kim and let Ella play with her much loved Cousin, Jake. Then Luke played with his Harvey Cousins while we had Sam Tingey and her Mom over to play. After the evening wound down and the kids were in bed.. at 6:30! I sat and watched some show's that I was excited for. It was a busy and fun day.
5 places I'd rather be.
1. Back on our Honeymoon in Spain
2. Downtown Chicago with the kids
3. Playing with the kids at my Sisters house in beautiful Colorado... especially with lots of Fall colors
4. On a trip with my girlfriends... preferably laying out in the Hawaiian sun
5. getting a massage 
What would I do with 100 million dollars
Pay off Daves School loans. ARTIC is one of the most expensive private Schools in the Nation.
go on a shopping spree
buy a cute house in Seattle or Denver.
go on a cool Disney cruise with all of my Family and their kids
live in Europe for a time
Favorite 5 shows
1. The Office
2. Scrubs
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Lost
5. My So Called Life

My 5 favorite snacks
Chocolate "Little Debbie" brownies
Root Beer licorice
Chocolate chip cookies
homemade Oreo's
everything else

5 people to tag
Jenny J, Rebecca D, Jamie C, Kim H, and Emily B.. maybe she will actually update this way.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A few shots at the beach

We went down to the beach to take some photo' s of Dave's Aunt and her kids. I was really excited to get some fun shots of the kids at the same time. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my camera to find that I had left my card in the card reader at home. I was so disappointed.
So here are a few shots that Dave's Aunt Linda and I (when I broke down and stole away her camera) took. I can not help my impulse to shoot when I see a good opportunity. So each time the kids were doing something contemplative or making an endearing face it killed me to not pick up my camera and adjust the lens.
I will never forget to double check my camera again!!!

Ella loved playing in the ocean. She comes alive around water. Yesterday she told me that she was a fish.

I am mid kiss... which explains the strange face I am making

Walking down the beach. Luke wanted to be as far from the waves as possible, Ella as close as she could.
Lukie on his "safe"rock. It was high tide and the waves really were quite close

Miss Ella

Deep in thought as he stared out into the Sea. Doesn't it have this effect on all of us.
I love my cute Family

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ella and her GG

There is a love affair going on in my home. Ella and her GG (great grandma) have been inseparable since we have moved into the Wirthlin home last June. These 2 girls have the best time with one another and I just cant get enough of it. I hear them all day long laughing, singing, playing "rosies" and chatting. All so often I walk in to see Ella cuddled up on GG's shoulder as she is gently and lovingly being rocked in GG's plush, pink chair. Ella and GG are so in love with each other that it just melts me. Whenever we go somewhere she says,"Come on GG, lets go" and without fail Ella must run in and say "good night" each evening and GG is always met in the morning by an excited Ella with a cheerful" Good morning" and an accompanied hug.
I remember when Grandma came home from a Dr. appointment long ago and was told that she couldn't pick up anything over 20 lbs. At the time ella was only 7 months old so there was no limit to the amount of holding and snuggling she could give. But as Ella grew Grandma would often lament about how soon she would have to deny those 2 small arms which always reached out for her. Eventually Ella hit 20 lbs. and GG insisted she could still carry her for a few more weeks. Then 21 lbs came and then 22. Each month as my ella continued to grow and get heavier GG would insist it was still fine to hold her. And how, she would ask, could she resist such a sweet voice saying, "GG... hold you." I remember the day when finally, months later then she should have, GG told ella that she couldn't carry her any longer. So now Ella runs in to GG's room and climbs right up into her lap with no hesitation where she cozies up for a while. There is truly a special bond between those two that can not be missed by anyone who watches them together. I think they may just be best friends.
Grandma brings so much happiness to our Family and is such a sweet, calming spirit to be around. When people hear that we live with Dave's 91 year old Grandma they always ask if its a lot of work to take care of our own small kids and Grandma as well. I always laugh. Grandma does more taking care of us than ever do of her. I often think that poor Grandma is the one that got the short end of the stick with this living arrangement. But I know she feels grateful and content. Thats just her nature. She is one of the most un-selfish, non-complaining, happy and easy people I have ever met. Grandma teaches us on a daily basis and motivates me to be better and to do better. She is always doing our dishes, much to my requests to stop, making us laugh, playing with our kids,baking up snacks, and finding many other ways to serve and be helpful. I don't know how she does it. When we were asked to live in this home while Dave's Parents served a mission we immediately thought of the financial blessings and other such temporary perks that would come of doing this. We were happy to be able to assist in their desire to serve The Lord. The biggest blessing for me has been quite un-expected. I truly feel that the greatest blessing we have been given in living in Mom and Dad's house has been time. Time with Grandma Hovik. Each day we are blessed by this incredible, kind, loving Woman. I feel so fortunate to watch my Children interact with their Great-Grandma who loves them so much and who's example teaches them. Each day we have the privilege of making memories and watching our kids benefit so greatly from her love. I feel blessed to spend these years of her life living with her and serving her in any ways that she will let me.
Everyone loves GG... especially her Ella, who's eyes light up in ways no one else can get them to.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ella's surgery day!

Just wanted to update everyone on Ella's surgery this morning.
All is well and went off without too much of a hiccup. They did discover what the Anesthesiologist diagnosed as asthma, so they had to insert a tube down her throat since her lungs are really tight. They also had to increase the amount of medicine which they used to put her out... for the same reasons. So coming out of the anesthesia was a bit rough for her and eventually they had to give her some morphine to calm her down and help her to come to easier.
After 1 hour in the OR and 2 hours in recovery she started to do great and is now home watching "Gabba Gabba" and talking with the sweetest little horse voice we've ever heard..
Thanks for all your thoughts.

checking in

Ella before. we thought the PJ's were hospital appropriate

she was so sad after they gave her the nose drops.. she finally calmed down after saying, "mama.. make all better."

more sedative silliness

after the sedative kicked in... she was the funniest I have ever seen her. non stop laughing and not a care in the world

loving her daddy. When she was screaming before the Morphine she yelled out, "I am grumpy!!!" everyone was laughing, which made her really mad.

finally acting more herself

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My kids

Sometimes on Sunday I enjoy taking the kids out for no reason other than to snap a few quick shots. Its turned out to be a fun way to watch them grow. Lots of shots all with the same backgrounds, usually all in their Church clothes. These are just a few I took this afternoon. Of course I could not do a thing to get that "Star Tours" ship out of Luke's hand, not even bribery would work. Just such a boy, he always has some type of motor-craft that he carry's around in his hands.

Friday, September 14, 2007


We had the best afternoon at Disneyland yesterday. I told Luke that if he took a nap we would go and so he hurried upstairs and I didn't hear a peep for a hour. All of a sudden he came downstairs and said, "I couldn't take a nap it was too hard. Maybe we can go to Disneyland next time when I can sleep" He was so cute about it that I told him me and Daddy would talk about what we thought. When we said that we were proud of him for trying and for being such a big boy he immediately jumped in with, "So, I can go!!!"
The kids were really good and it just made it all the more enjoyable. There were not many people and the lines were a dream. We got to go on 11 rides in the 3 hours we were there, we love our special pass. I don't know who was more tired at the end of it all,the kids or the Parents.
On these days I love living here in Orange County and I know we will miss this stuff next year.

Not the best shot but I wanted to prove that I was here with both of the kids too.

This is how Luke feels about the "little girl" horsey ride. I love this face.

can you tell she spotted her Daddy?

Ella intensely awaiting the sights to be seen on a ride

Luke waiting patiently in line for Winnie the Pooh

Ella loving Dumbo

On his new favorite... Star Tours. See that pass in his hand? It means we don't wait in lines :)

On Buzz Blasters.

And this excitement was only while in the parking structure.

First Ponytail

Yesterday was a big day for ella... well, for me. Her hair finally fits in a ponytail! Well, her hair mostly fits in a ponytail. I was really excited because there is much less hair pulling and protesting with just a single ponytail as opposed to pigtails. And I am proud to say that I made her little bow, a new venture for me that I am enjoying. Unfortunately while on a ride with her Daddy the bow that I worked so hard on became MIA. O' well, what can you do?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just what I needed!

Yesterday in the late afternoon I took the kids upstairs to play in Luke's room. For some reason the kids love playing in Luke's room. They color on Luke's easel and read lots of books from the bookshelf. Ella loves getting into the closet and playing with shoes and will always make her way into Mom and Dads room to get into their toothbrushes.
So as the kids played I decided to lay on the floor and rest. After a few minutes Luke brought me over his "B" and carefully lay it on my back while saying "Here Mama, this will be nice and cozy" then he proceeded to get me his other "B" and followed up with his pillow. Each time saying things like, "This is better" "You are going to take a nice nap" and "Are you cozy and warm, Mama?" Then he turned off the light and closed the bathroom door, so it would be darker. As he closed the door he said,"Have good dreams Mama, you're a good girl" Every few minutes he would walk in and check on me, give me a kiss or tell me he loved me. At one point he said that my legs were cold so he pulled the big Fire Truck comforter off of his bed...pulled with all of his might, and carefully draped it over my body.
The next thing I knew Luke came in and asked me if I had a good sleep and as I looked at the clock I realized 45 minutes had gone by. I felt re-juvinated and ready to go on with the rest of the day.
So thanks to my sweet Lukie for helping me to get in a nice nap... just what I needed. And thanks to GG who I am sure was wondering where my kids Mom was for 45 minutes as she made them a snack and did a bit of entertaining. We love GG for so many reasons, that will be a post all its own.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I will remember

I cant help but to reflect on the tragic events which happened in our Nation and to the World 6 years ago today. I know that a lot of people look back on this day with nothing but anger and malice. Questions and fury. I can not help but to look at it and feel proud and hopeful. Reverence and Spirituality. I hope I am not coming across as insensitive, I certainly feel deeply for all of those who lost loved ones, so many lives lost and so many tears shed. Such a tragedy.
I feel that having grown up in a family where my Dad served in the Armed Services I have always been a proud and patriotic American. My heart always fills to the brim when I see Service Men and Woman. Firefighters, Police Men and Women, and other serving our Country every day to ensure our freedoms. I have always felt full of pride when singing the National Anthem and feel grateful everyday for the life that I have been blessed to live and the place where I have been blessed to live it.
I remember very clearly where and what I was doing on that Fall morning in September 6 years ago. I sat with my roommates in stillness and silence as we witnessed together those horrific sights. And for a while I was just so sad and had so many questions. But it wasn't long until I recognized the significance of those events in a positive light. People driving around with American flags on their cars, lighting candles and coming together in their pain. We realized that we needed each other and that we loved each other. People sensed that we were all connected in ways we never realized or felt before. I felt hope and I still feel it.
I wish we could all come together continuously rather then just the way we did during that time. I feel more grateful than ever for those who serve this Country and for the families who support and love them. I am so thankful to live in this beautiful, choice Nation. And I have faith that people are still mostly good, that we are a family... in a very real way. I remember September 11 and pray that I never forget.

Pre-School Starts!!!

Luke started Pre-School today and couldn't have been more excited. He loves his teacher, who came to his house last week to visit with him and draw a picture... I love this School! Ella was really sad that she could not stay with Luke, which was pretty cute. She kept saying, "Lukie... pre-school...go!"
We cant believe how big our little boy is getting. And the best part? All the Parents stuck around for a while watching and taking pictures. Eventually Luke came up to me and said,"Mommy, its time for you to go" It was a bittersweet moment for me.

He found some friends just as I was leaving. I had to run back for the photo op at the beans

He was really happy to play with the shaving cream. I was not thrilled with the messy idea... my OCD coming through.

This is the picture he drew when his teacher made a home visit. He was excited to walk in the classroom and find it.

Waiting for the gate to open up.

I love this face

All ready for the big day. He even picked out his outfit.

Ella was so excited too. I really think that she thought she was going to spend the morning at Pre-School as well.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

poop...take 2

I know we have all heard plenty about the bowl movements of my children but I have to get this one up as well. It will help me to laugh about it later, actually I was laughing pretty much right off the bat... as Dave was gaging.
So we get home from my Nephews Soccer game and its my favorite time. Not jut that its nap time necessarily but both kids are going down at the same time. After about 30 minutes I hear Ella making a little bit of noise but I am determined to make more hair bows so I ignore them. She then wakes up Luke..our light sleeper kids drive me nuts. And I let him come downstairs and watch me make more bows, he's enjoying helping to pick colors and... ella is now making more noise. About 10 minutes later Dave comes home and heads upstairs to get Ella out, its clear that she is not going to sleep. All of a sudden I hear Dace screaming for me... unusually loud and a bit panicked. So I finish tying off my bow( I told you I was determined) and head upstairs. I walk in to a terrible smell and notice a hint of brown on the white wood. As I get closer the scene unravels. Ella; no diaper; poop all over her foot, tummy, legs. As I move my glance up I start to feel nauseous. Poop on 1 hand.. 2 hands. And sure enough my little Princess has her own poop on that dainty mouth that I had just kissed 45 minutes earlier. After quickly taking off her white, Janie and Jack shirt, so it wouldn't stain, I run her into the bathroom and turn on the water. I grab a washcloth and rinse the reminisce of smelly poop off of my sweet baby girls mouth. All the while she says "I made a mess!!" I can tell she must have realized at some point that this was not a great idea and became grossed out because she was relieved when I cleaned her all off.
1 load of laundry. 1 bath, and some lysol later we are all cleaned up and back to being poop-free... what a stinker!!

I turned my camera way too much on this shot but I still liked this picture.

After she was bathed. You can still see some redness on her face from the poop irritation.

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke