Friday, September 14, 2007


We had the best afternoon at Disneyland yesterday. I told Luke that if he took a nap we would go and so he hurried upstairs and I didn't hear a peep for a hour. All of a sudden he came downstairs and said, "I couldn't take a nap it was too hard. Maybe we can go to Disneyland next time when I can sleep" He was so cute about it that I told him me and Daddy would talk about what we thought. When we said that we were proud of him for trying and for being such a big boy he immediately jumped in with, "So, I can go!!!"
The kids were really good and it just made it all the more enjoyable. There were not many people and the lines were a dream. We got to go on 11 rides in the 3 hours we were there, we love our special pass. I don't know who was more tired at the end of it all,the kids or the Parents.
On these days I love living here in Orange County and I know we will miss this stuff next year.

Not the best shot but I wanted to prove that I was here with both of the kids too.

This is how Luke feels about the "little girl" horsey ride. I love this face.

can you tell she spotted her Daddy?

Ella intensely awaiting the sights to be seen on a ride

Luke waiting patiently in line for Winnie the Pooh

Ella loving Dumbo

On his new favorite... Star Tours. See that pass in his hand? It means we don't wait in lines :)

On Buzz Blasters.

And this excitement was only while in the parking structure.


REGINA said...

Looks like fun! You are so lucky you can go whenever you want. Remebmer when we ditched school "that one day" ;)...and bought Disneyland passes together? Those were the good days!

Jillyboo said...

that one day? Weren't there just way to many of those? No regrets, High School was so much fun.

Sarah said...

Jill!! This is Sarah Gordon (also past tense). I was so excited to see your comment on our blog.. so I had to stalk you down and find yours. Your family is so cute, I love your blog. Thanks for finding me, it's fun to "see" you again.

J and H said...

Your kids are so cute! They are getting so big too. Jill you look gorgeous, I love the curly hair.

Jamie C. said...

Jill, how funny, I just got back from California yesterady and we were at Disneyland the smae day. TOo bad we didn't know it. It really was a great day to go. Glad you guys had as much fun as we did!

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