Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poop Party

Luke's long awaited Poop Party took place this evening. I know you are all wondering if I made a type-o when you read the word "poop" but that is exactly what we had. Lukie has been potty-trained since May but has been reluctant to let #2 go in the potty. For months we have been telling him that he could have a poop party if he did it. With cake and presents(.99 store) and friends. He was really excited at the idea but when it came down to it he always needed his pull-up. I stopped fighting him and just decided to let nature take its course. After each and every poop in his pull-up he would state, "Im going to have my poop party next time...sorry Mama" Well today was the big pay off. While at Nana's house he finally did it, with only a small bit of pleading from Mom. He sat there all by himself... "its private Mommy" and did just what we've been waiting for him to do. The first thing he yelled was, "I did it!!!" after which he told me " I pooped a big one and a tiny one... and they were brown" Just like a boy to be descriptive on such matters.
So here are a few shots from this evenings big event, enjoy. And I never thought I would type the word "poop" so many times in a public website for people to read...sorry. But this big news had to be shared.

Luke and his glutten-free, Dairy-free cake. It was the only chocolate he has had in 5 months so I can appreciate his excitement. The entire time "he" was making it he kept asking, "Am I allergic to this chocolate?" As if he was not sure why all of a sudden it was ok.

I thought this picture captured perfectly how our day was... crazy and hyper. Luke was a spaz all day long.. so excited for his lang-awaited party

Some guests at the Party


Baker and Jenny said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever read, and I think I saw your men at the Nordstrom Rack the other day.

Cecily R said...


Potty training is way more of a challenge than anyone leads you to believe, isn't it? I was terrible at it with my first two, and I don't have high hopes that my parenting skills will have evolved enough to be better at it the third time.

How old is Luke? Mine were both pushing four, and with Isaac, I mean pushing four before they lost the diapers completely. Ah well, at least they made it to Kindergarten underwear clad!

If you want to feel better about your experience, check this out:


Rebecca D. said...

ok that is hilarious!I love the idea! We will try anything won't we!!! Very clever Jill!!!!!

REGINA said...

You are hillarious Jill! That is why I love you. LOL, Congrats on the momentous occassion...It is such a big deal, I know!

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