Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Lukie

I realized that there has been a lot of posting in regards to ella recently. I decided to give Luke a little entry all his own.

Why I love Luke
1. He has the sweetest little voice. The way he raises his voice and the emphasis on certain words just makes me smile. I just love to hear him talk and could really do so all day long.
2. He is kind. Recently he has been a bit too rough with his Sister but I hear that is just what big Brothers do... or so I remember.But when it comes to others he never , nor has he, hit or kicked, pushed or shoved. He loves his friends and nothing makes him happier then to be near them. Sometimes to the point where he is almost on top of them, but he just loves to be with his good buddies.
3. He loves to snuggle: Luke has always been a very affectionate boy. He loves to sit right next to you and take you in. I love that he lets me love right up to him because snuggling my kids is one of my talents in this life. I do it well and often.
4. Luke is so smart: Luke has one of the best memories of any 3 year old I know. He has several books memorized and will read them to me often. He knew all his shapes and colors by 21 months, his letters by sight at 3, and a month ago we started his letter sounds... he has them all memorized now. He will say a word like "bird" and then say, "That starts with buh..buh...B!!"
5. He is very spiritual: I love the things he says about things of a spiritual nature. He always talks about being a missionary like his Grammy and Grandpa, going to the temple, and Jesus. When we visit the temple he says that he can hear Jesus and the last time he said "Mommy, Jesus is singing to me" I told him that I was sure Jesus loves to sing just like him ( Luke has the best voice by the way)
6. Luke is sensitive: At times this is a trial for us but I know that it will be a blessing in his life and ours.
7. Luke is a great big Brother: So I know that I just said he is rough with ella but he is still a killer brother. Luke is always so happy to see her in the mornings and always says" Ella!!!! Did you have a good nap?" He often tells her how much he loves her and I always see him hugging her in the car while we are driving. Ella is going to be a better person because she has Luke for a brother. Watching them together is one of my greatest joys.
8. He is funny and silly: Luke makes us all laugh and can do and say the funniest things.

I can not count how many smiles a day are solely due to our little man!! I love you Luke.

Well, I am going to bed. I could type this blog all night and still miss reasons why I love my Lukie. I feel so grateful to have been sent this sweet, wonderful little boy! I cant wait to watch him learn and grow.


Jamie C. said...

He sounds like such a sweetheart Jill! I can imagine his voice being the most precious ever. I am sure he adores his mother just as much as you do him!

shawni said...

Hey Jill, I wrote you a comment back on my blog but I don't know if you'll ever see it so I'm writing here too. I'm still trying to figure out this blog thing! Thanks for saying hi and for your nice comments. That lettering above Lucy's bed is super easy. I just got wood planks cut at Home Depot, painted them and sanded them down, glued scrapbook paper to them and then glued the sanded-down wooden letters to them. You have to use a particular kind of glue called "perfect glue #1" at Home Depot or it will wrinkle and you can get the letters at Michaels. Kind of a fun project.

shawni said...

Oh, by the way, Luke sounds like such a sweet child...and I'm excited about your tip on a website to print out blogs. I'll have to look into that one...

Emily said...

I must say the reason #3 is my fav! If you know me, you know that my little family loves to snuggle. Hey, when are you going to put 7 reasons why you love me on your blog?

Rebecca D. said...

what a sweet sweet post! He really is the happiest kid! I loved getting together with you and the kids and Luck was just so happy and well behaved! you really are a lucky mom! There is just such a love affair between a son and his mom... I can't wait to have a boy some day!

scott and megan said...

Hello! Sorry it has taken so long to respond, but I don't check the blog very often. It was great to hear from you and it looks like everything is going really really well. You have a beautiful family. Megan and I could not be more excited about adding to ours - just a few more months! Last week we found a place to live in San Diego, and I'm excited to start work October 1. Anyway, it was great to hear from you. I just finished driving across the country and will post pictures sometime this week. Take care!

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