Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3,000 miles?!

We had a great road trip which totaled over 3,000 miles. This is a major event as a year ago we couldn't even travel 3 hours without major kid drama.
We visited lots of Family and some friends and made a ton of new memories. The kids did so well, I had to keep pinching myself throughout the trip.
Here are some photos of playing outside, at the pool. the Aquarium, the Logan Temple and other fun shots.


REGINA said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip...and I love the pictures, you always take the best pictures and you guys really should go into businuess! Thanks for introducing blogging to me... I am having fun with it!

Brad and Vanessa said...

Awesome pictures! It was so great to drive out with you, thank you! The water park looked fun! Hey, nice board shorts!
See ya!

jamie c. said...

Those are all really cute pictures. It looks like you had a ton of fun, why can't we always be on vacation?

Rebecca D. said...

oh jill... you really made my day when you showed up at my house! I love seeing a familiar face in this new place!!! You are always welcomed !!!!

debgodoy said...

hi there, it's debbie douglass, i got to your blog from Julie's. anyways, cute family! We have an almost 3 yr. old boy, and he is having a VCUG in a week. i wanted to ask you if they gave your daughter anything to calm her down before the procedure? my son is terrified of doctors, as he was traumatized when he went to ER for bladder infection and he was catheterized and given an IV. who can blame him? anyways, if they don't give him anything, it will take 4 people to pin him down for this. not looking forward to it at all. how long did the procedure last?? sorry, so many questions, i just don't know anyone who has been through this as well. p.s. if you like rain, you would love western WA! And by the way, I love Seattle!!! :)
(if you have a chance to answer my questions, you can e-mail me at debgodoy@gmail.com) Thanks!

Cecily R said...

The photos on your site are really really good! I'm impressed! Just so you know, I got to your blog through Nicole Felt's (Dave is my cousin). It was fun to read about your cute kids and see your great photography!

Cecily Cook

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Baby Olivia
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