Monday, March 29, 2010

O' how we love her

My head is still spinning. My baby went into Nursery yesterday. That can only mean 1 thing. She is 18 months old!! It has sure snuck up on us.

Olivia is just about the sweetest thing ever. She loves to hug and kiss. She's a little shy and a little reserved. A clever little thing and as smart as a whip. She's fun, silly, cheerful and full of joy.She is really starting to use a lot of words and makes it very easy for me to know exactly what she wants and needs. She's never really one to throw a fit but when she does its so out of character for her that I cant help but to laugh.

She absolutely adores being outside, more so than any of the other 2. She is content to play out back until long after the other kids have frozen and good sense has told them to come in. We end up needing to carry Liv inside as she cry's, hands cold as ice.

She adores water and had a blast with Papa last week in his pool. I think she could have splashed and played in the warm sunshine for hours.


O' the things I could say about our amazing Olivia. But I will spare you all of my never-ending gushing and adoration. I will just say that she is one of the greatest little girls there could be and I am so privileged to be her Mother.

Just a cute little story. When we were in CA Olivia and her Papa had a little greeting going, just between them. When they would see each other they'd each stick their tongue out and make a silly sound. We thought it was pretty funny that she'd do it so consistently each time she'd see Papa, and only Papa.

Fast forward to yesterday. Olivia saw my Dad for the first time in almost a week (he was here with the Wilkins crew on a ski/snowboarding vacation up in the mountains) The moment he walked in the front door she immediately smiled and, without missing a beat, did her part of their secret greeting. Pretty cute. And it warmed my heart knowing that she could so strongly feel the bond she has with her Papa already.

She is still our little peanut at 20.5 lbs. (5%) and she's 31 3/4" tall (50%)


This is my favorite. Its a typical sight at our house. Though, usually, Olivia is pushing her suffocating siblings out of her way.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear baby girl

Today was a great day. Starting it out by throwing up wasn't great but you're well worth it. Or, at least, you'd better be.

I got to see you. Most importantly, I got to hear the words that I have been waiting to hear. Not that you were a girl, though I was thrilled to hear that. Not that there was only you in there, which I was thrilled to hear too. No, the words were that you looked just as you should. Strong heart. Great developments. Perfect sized everything. Yes, at this point you are perfect. And hearing those words couldn't have made me happier or brought more relief.

There were other joys. Watching you reach for your feet over and over again. Wondering if you would still love to have your hands by your face after you're born. I loved watching you move around on screen and feeling it at the same time. And I loved that your sweet Brother was with me to see it all.

So today marks another day that more excitement builds and builds. Today was a great day!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a .......

We found out what we were having a few weeks back. Sorry to disappoint but I had to know. And I couldn't be happier about our choice to know. I needed it. We all did. And now that we made the announcement to our families here in CA we can spread the word.

We couldn't be happier to announce that we are having a....


And I can't stop smiling about it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke

Well, its finally here. The day you turned 6. You have been anticipating this birthday for months. In fact, its been even longer. The day you turned 5 we came home from your party and, upon tucking you into bed,you looked up at me with your green eyes and stated "Now Im almost 6!" Im not sure why the appeal to this particular year but I think its because you knew that 6 was going to be magical. Your best year yet!

You are all things good and pure and perfect. You are honest, kind, hopeful, passionate about learning, humble, joyful, happy. You pull people to you without saying a word. There has always been something about your spirit. I think people, young and old, find themselves wanting to be around you. You have a honesty in your soulful eyes which leaves people wanting. It is very common to hear people say, "I don't quite know what it is but I just love that boy of yours. He is something special."

You love to read and to learn. Every day you ask millions of questions. You want to know how deep the Ocean is, how hot the center of the Earth is, what tuna fish eat, what a "foul ball" means, why Dinosaurs are extinct.... everything! And I can not appease you with my quick, thoughtless guesses anymore. You want the facts and you will research them with me until you feel you get a satisfactory answer. If I had a quarter for every time I heard you say, "just check on you tube" well, I'd be sporting a much more fashionable wardrobe these days, thats for sure.

You are a sweet Brother and Son. Last Sunday, while walking together up the path to Church you asked me, "Mom, why are you so beautiful?" To which I replied, and meant sincerely, "because I get to be your Mom. You make me beautiful"

The other day you asked if the baby could sleep in your room. I told you that maybe we could do that, when it got a little bigger. I explained to you that the baby would be waking up a lot at night for a few months and that we would keep it in our room so that everyone else could sleep better. You stated, without hesitation, " Mom, if the baby cries I will just wake up and go over to it's crib. I will rub its back and whisper that everything will be okay. The baby will stop crying, I will go back to bed, and you won't even have to get up!"

You always tell your Sisters that they are beautiful. You ask Ella every day after Pre-School if all the girls were nice to her. You come into bed with me in the morning and hug me as I wake up. You are everything good about having a Son.

Your greatest desire is to be good and honest. You thrive on obeying and following the rules. You take Choosing the Right very seriously. You are peaceful and helpful. Silly and optimistic.

I love you so much and could have never dreamt up a more perfect boy for us.

Happy Birthday. I hope this year is everything you'd hoped it to be... and more!!

Wasn't this day just yesterday. I blinked an eye and 6 years went by...

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I love this picture. It reminds me that these 2 kids actually really do love each other. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I think they forget. But they do, they really do.

I am excited to see their relationship grow over the years. I envision Ella giving Luke advice on how to talk to girls, or telling him how handsome he looks before a big date. I imagine Luke comforting Ella after some boy breaks her heart, telling her that he was never good enough in the first place. I know that there will be lots of bickering and arguing but I also know that there will be more love then I can even imagine.

Everyone should have a big Brother like Luke. Im grateful I do.

And here is my little princess. So full of personality, so full of joy. She makes me smile everytime I look at her, not an exaggeration.

She has loved discovering her independence. While we were at the Park today, and just about every day this week, she was all smiles. Running every where, jumping on the bridge to make it shake, laughing as I pushed her higher on the swing and trying with all of her might to climb up the slides.

I just love this little Liv of ours more words could ever express. She lights up my day in a special way, in her own little abundance of ways.

I can not believe how blessed we are. We have these 3 incredible Children. Hard for me not to get excited about what's coming this Summer.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big day

I had to post about this as it is surly blog worthy.

Ella is taking a nap. For the first time in 7 months. This is a big day.

She has been in desperate need of a nap each day for months. She should have never stopped. She gets grumpy, bossy, emotional and way to sassy. She has been sleep deprived.

We shall see how the rest of the day goes now. Im optimistic. She's now been going strong for almost 2 hours. She and Olivia both.

Now if only I had the energy to have gotten the house cleaned or the laundry done. Alas, I am to tired from chasing Olivia around the park this afternoon.

I love you today!!!! Sun, friends, park play, picnic lunches and naps. Does it get any better?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Its March?!

How did this happen? February always seems to sneak by, it being such a short month. Now here we are.

In Primary yesterday we announced upcoming Birthdays for the next 2 weeks, as we wont have our regular meeting next week. I was totally shocked when they called Luke up to sing to. Could it be? Is his Birthday already here? I was blown away. Sure enough I will have a 6 year old in 10 days. Cant believe it. My head is spinning.

Its also a little scary because this all means that, due to my induction date, I will have a baby in 4 months. July will be a BIG month. I guess, since its the very end of July, I really have more like 5 months. But still. March to July... too soon. This pregnancy can slow down a bit, Im sure it will and that I'll be begging for it to speed up. For now? I am not ready to even think about another newborn.

The good news is that we will be in CA in less than 2 weeks. I am really excited about this trip, more so than any of our others. I think with being pregnant and the kids feeling so big lately I am ready to be around Family. I am also ready to have a break form this Winter, it has felt like a long one.

Welcome March. Im pretty happy to have February over. A few more months till Spring!!! I hear the playground and picnic's calling our name.

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke