Thursday, September 30, 2010



This is my Dad. I love this picture because it pretty much sums up the last several years. My Dad, the bike rider extraordinary. He is more in shape than any of his kids, or their spouses. And you better believe that he thinks thats pretty cool.

When I think of my Dad several things come to mind. Sports cars, watching him polish up his big, black Army boots until they shined, listening to him "read books" This consisted of getting out a book to read but never actually reading the words written on the page. He would make up his own versions. And they were always much, much better. I have laughed so hard that I cried. Dad still does this with the Grandkids and all us kids are usually right there laughing along.I think of honesty and fierce loyalty. He has great class and always instilled manners into his kids. I think of his big office on the 2nd floor of a Military Base in California. I loved going with my Mom to see him. I loved that my Dad was a Colonial in the Military. He made me proud. There is nothing like being a little girl and watching your Dad get saluted everywhere he'd go. I knew he was respected and important. That left a valuable imprint on me. I remember Saturday mornings as he'd spend hours cleaning and polishing his red Lexus, my Dad is a major perfectionist. He called me "Jilly-Will-Doodle-all-the-day." or just plain "doodle" I loved having a nick-name that only Dad used. I loved the Sundays when he'd get me ready for Church. We'd be in his bathroom together and he'd dry my hair. It was always so special when he'd do it. I felt beautiful. Growing up I loved sports and I was pretty decent at them. I loved that I felt close to my Dad when I'd win a race or a trophy. I was athletic, just like him. When ever I had a bad dream he would run into my room and sit with me until I fell asleep. I think of Scuba Diving and PADI. I think of his deep voice and how I loved when he'd speak in Church. When my Dad is talking I would love to watch people watch him. Because I knew what they were thinking... he is brilliant. I think of perfectly organized sock drawers. I think of ducks. But mostly I think about love.

I always felt safe.. who would dare mess with my Dad? I am proud of my Dad and knew that I was, and am, lucky to be his Daughter. I adore my Dad and feel blessed to have him as my Dad.

Happy Birthday Daddy! You make 63 look pretty darn fantastic.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tell me sweet little lies...

Luke has a new friend this year in School. They sit at the same table. His name is Liam and he's a big liar.

Every day Luke will come home will several stories that seem, to him, too good to be true. Thats because they are. And the thing is, Luke believes him. Luke does not have a deceiving, manipulating bone in his body. He has never lied to me. Really, never. Its not in him to be dis-honest, even if it means he'll be getting into trouble. I love this about him.

Yesterday he informed us that Liam is simply amazing. That he lives a very exciting life. You see, he has hunted Grizzly Bears in Canada and killed a Polar Bear during one of his treks through the North Pole. And last weekend, while on a boat, he killed a Great White Shark with a pocket knife. See? Liam lives quite an exciting life. And Luke feels that he is so lucky to be friends with such an incredibly adventurous 6 year old.

This morning we had a little talk about Liam. I had to let Luke in on his little secret.. that he's a major fibber. I tried to do it carefully so that he wouldn't feel disappointed that Liam was not what he appeared to be. And from the other side of the room Ella piped in with some great wisdom.

"Luke, Liam choses to tell lies because he just wants people to like him."

She was right on the money, pretty wise for a 4 year old, huhh?

A few minutes later Ella started talking about what they were currently learning in School. Apples. She proceeded to talk about the fact that there was such things as white apples. Luke couldn't stand for this mix up in facts. He had to challenge it.

"There is no such thing as white apples. There are red apples and green apples and even yellow apples. Not white. They dont exist."

Ella was adamant about the fact that there were, indeed, white apples. For her sweet teacher would never lie to them. To which Luke tilted his head and replied...

"Ella. Miss Allison tells lies because she just wants people to like her."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Elmo Party

We had a few friends to the park where I put together a little Elmo Party for this cutie of mine. It was all things Elmo. Balloons, cake, cupcakes, plates, napkins.. you get the picture. And Olivia was in her own little Elmo heaven.


Ashley made this amazing cake for Olivia, isn't she the greatest!? Thank you Ashley, you are the best and we so appreciate you sharing your talents with us.


opening presents was lots of fun.


The Birthday girl... she's so super cute

I love this 2 year old


Thats right people, she has a binky in her mouth. And she's 2. According to many books and Doctors, Im a failure. But I can not bear to loose the perks associated with this gem. Not yet.

100% Beef

We went to McDonalds tonight for Dinner. Dave has been gone on his man date with Bob all day long and wont be home until late tonight. This means McDonalds for my kids.

Luke got a double hamburger, he eats like a man lately. Ella got Chicken.

Luke sat down and started reading the bag which read "100% pure beef. 0% anything else."

Now, you and I know what that means. Luke, evidently not so much.

He exclaimed "Ella, mine is the best because it's 100%. Yours is 0%. Sorry."

I couldn't help but laugh. He thought it meant that everything else on the menu, Ella's chicken, was a big 0! Only the beef was 100%.

Im loving it!

Friday, September 24, 2010

2 and at the Zoo

I cant believe that my little girl is 2. She is just the sweetest, cutest little thing and none of us can get enough of her.

This will be a short little Birthday post because Im tired and need to start Dinner (we'll do the sweet, sentimental post later on). So we'll just say that we had a great day at the Zoo. (You'll have to forgive the photo quality as we forgot our camera and these are all taken on Dave's phone)

Liv loves the Zoo, especially the monkeys. She was making the sweetest little Monkey sounds the entire time, she has the cutest little voice ever.

we never, ever buy "park food/drinks" but when its your birthday you get to do special things like get a $4.00 slurpee in a cool cup

...and get a yummy Watermelon sucker, which really is just a bribe to stay seated so that we could get outta' there sooner and quicker.

We are excited for her little Elmo party at the Park tomorrow. She's an Elmo fanatic and I think she's going to go crazy with all of the Elmo garb all over.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

8 weeks


There are no words to describe how in love I am with my beautiful Charlotte.

Date.. take 1

If you are lucky enough to go on a date with this cute 4 year old you are in for an incredible evening. Here are a few things that you will enjoy.

While you are at Ann Taylor Loft she will sit in front of the accessory stand and ohhhh and ahhhh at every single sparkly item. And there were a lot of sparkly necklaces and headbands. She will continue to try on many of the before-mentioned and she will make cute comments about how brilliant she looks. All of the store clerks and whom ever walks by her will comment on how darling she is and how much fun you're going to have with her as a shopping buddy.

She will tell you stories that will make you so to know her. Like how the boys at School were making fun of Kenzie because they noticed that she wears a pull-up. She will then go on to say that she stood up to her classmates and insisted that they stop their teasing immediately because Kenzie is nice and she is her friend. And then she would go on to comfort a crying friend, because it breaks her heart to see her so sad.You will then be left wishing that you had a friend like Ella when you were 4. Fiercely kind and completely loyal.

You will almost cry at her bravery and her commitment to being a good friend. Because, as she will tell you, she's not afraid and because thats what Jesus would have done.

You will love to see the looks on peoples faces as this tall, skinny little blondie in pigtails waves at them. Just because she wants to say hello. Because, as she will tell them, she thinks that they are beautiful.

You will snicker at the little things she says such as "o' nuts!" when she spills a drop of her melted ice cream.

You will marvel at how, for a girl who's life revolves around sugar, she eats her Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry's sooooooo slowly.

You will wonder how a 4 year old can have such a huge personality. And can be so social. And so incredible.

You will love when she'll hold your hand for a bit. Because, unlike her 6 year old Brother, she really doesn't do that anymore.

You will get to see her face light up and her voice go a million miles a minute as she see's something glorious in a shoe store window. Twinkle toes. And you will want to buy them for her just because you have never seen anyone so excited. But you wont... because they are $40.

If you are lucky enough to go on a date with this character you will get to see her busting some serious moves in Gap when she realizes that "Girls just wanna' have fun" is playing over-head. And you will sit back and watch the looks on peoples faces as they stop in their tracks to enjoy her sassy dance moves and to smile at her. And you know what they are thinking. Because you think it too. She is a riot.

And when you get home and put her to bed you will continue to think back on your time alone with Ella. Because, even though she often drives you mad, she really is incredible. And you get to be a part of her life. And you know that you are lucky.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Do you know what its like to have a very best friend? Someone who can finish your sentences and someone who you love so much that you feel like Family? Someone who likes what you like and who you can spend every day with without ever running out of things to talk or laugh about?

Well Luke does. At the early age of 4 he found a best friend. And I am so happy for him. He and Lance are so similar and yet so different at the same time. Lance is the friend that I prayed Luke would have. I mean it.


They both love to read and are among the best readers in their grade. They love to discuss animal facts and Magic Tree House books. They love to play sports and run around in Summer grass. They are afraid of almost the exact same things and they think the same girls are cute. (that may have posed a problem one day) Lance brings out the best in Luke. He pushes him to be social. He always makes sure that Luke is included.


I will be devastated to leave Colorado in 9 months. Completely devastated. But one of the reasons why I will be heart-broken will be for my Son. I can't stand the idea that he will be moving away from Lance. The thought literally gives me a stomach ache. Sick, I hate it.

But for now these 2 buddies will continue to practice their secret hand-shake, will get chased by the cute girls at lunch time. They will discuss which animal would beat whom in a fight and for what reasons. They will wrestle in the backyard and tell terrible jokes (they're getting better at this though) And they will play Wii and air hockey. They will save seats for each other in Primary each Sunday. They will laugh hysterically.

They will do all of the the things that best bud's do.... because thats what they are. The very best.


These picture's were taken after School on twin day. You will notice that even their shoes match, yeah... I know.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

a half

This handsome boy is 6 and a HALF today. He has been waiting for a long while for September 11th to be here because, as I have learned as a Mom, the half year thing is a big deal. To celebrate we let him have a chocolate chip cookie. A real one. Dairy and all. He didn't like it.


Happy half Birthday to one amazing little, big boy. And you can check your new found, first grade attitude at the door. Im not a fan. (I guess we cant complain because this has really been the first of it we've ever seen from sweet Lukie)

Sunday, September 5, 2010



I had forgotten that we even had this great playmat. Charlotte had a great time watching all of the lights and hitting the toys. To be honest Im not sure she knew that she was batting at them as she's still not really in control of her movements. It was still fun and the kids got a huge kick out of watching her play.

Friday, September 3, 2010

1 month


This little lady is 1 month old. Incredible.

I forget just how much of a rollercoaster that 1st month is. Getting use to running on less sleep, learning what cry's mean what. figuring out favorite positions to be held in, bottles... just a million discoveries and several hundred learning curves.

She's been a pure joy to get to know and to love. Just a sweet little baby.

We've both been hit by a few bumps in the road. Charlotte has a pretty severe allergy to dairy and even Nutramigen isn't doing the trick. As of today she's on a hypoallergenic amino acid-based formula, Neocate. I was cutting dairy out of my diet but then got Mastitis and we're not sure if my milk supply can recover from it, Im still pumping... we'll see. If the Neocate doesn't resolve the problems Charlotte's having it may be a reflux issue and we'll be off to a GI. We'll know how this stuff works within the week, Im optimistic.


At 1 month:

-I love my baths. I have yet to cry while soaking in my fabulous tub.

- I hate to have a dirty diaper. I can not stress this enough

-Sitting on the swing on the porch is heavenly. I love being outside in the fresh air and the gliding of the swing

- I weigh 7 lbs. 9 oz. (as of this afternoon's Dr. appt.). Funny how at 5 weeks I am still a pound and a half smaller than my brother was when he was born!

- I am in a size newborn diaper

-The only binky that I will take are my gum drops

-I dont like getting put in my car seat but the minute we start driving I fall fast asleep

- I love to be held most but I'll settle for my swing too.. its a pretty cool place to be

- I love music

- When my Parents forget to give me my reflux medication I have been known to projectile vomit. But I have only done this 4 or 5 times. And its only ever been on my Dad. Other than the big soakers I never spit up, its either all or nothing.

- I like to be out and going. I love all the sounds and lights of the outside World

- My siblings adore me and always talk about how cute I am. I get a little nervous when my Brother talks about how he wants to eat me because I'm so cute.

- My hair is as unruly as my Sisters and sticks straight up! My Mom said my Sisters (now) have amazing hair so Im not too worried about it. Plus Fall's coming so I can hide it with cute hats, like my new one above, for a while.

- I am cute, and tiny and love to snuggle and to be held close and tight.

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia
bright eyes

My funny Ella

My funny Ella

My handsome Luke

My handsome Luke