Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ella's surgery day!

Just wanted to update everyone on Ella's surgery this morning.
All is well and went off without too much of a hiccup. They did discover what the Anesthesiologist diagnosed as asthma, so they had to insert a tube down her throat since her lungs are really tight. They also had to increase the amount of medicine which they used to put her out... for the same reasons. So coming out of the anesthesia was a bit rough for her and eventually they had to give her some morphine to calm her down and help her to come to easier.
After 1 hour in the OR and 2 hours in recovery she started to do great and is now home watching "Gabba Gabba" and talking with the sweetest little horse voice we've ever heard..
Thanks for all your thoughts.

checking in

Ella before. we thought the PJ's were hospital appropriate

she was so sad after they gave her the nose drops.. she finally calmed down after saying, "mama.. make all better."

more sedative silliness

after the sedative kicked in... she was the funniest I have ever seen her. non stop laughing and not a care in the world

loving her daddy. When she was screaming before the Morphine she yelled out, "I am grumpy!!!" everyone was laughing, which made her really mad.

finally acting more herself


Rebecca D. said...

oh sweet little friend!Glad that's all behind her! Best of luck in her recovery! It's amazing how resilient little ones are!!!

REGINA said...

dear baby! That must have been so hard for you to see her that way. I hate to see kids in any kind of pain...it just tugs at my heartstrings....I could never work at a hospital for that reason...I would be a mess.

sarawhat said...

I'm so glad to find another blogger friend! WHy did Ella have surgery? Something about little kids in hospital gowns...breaks my heart! Hope everything is OK.

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