Thursday, November 15, 2007

CPP is the best!!!!

Today was a day that I have dreamed about for many years. Its going to sound silly when I state what it was that occurred but I am not ashamed. Ever since I was a young girl I dreamt about being a Mom. And something that I always thought about within that Mom world was..... class parties. Sounds silly, I realize. But today that day came.
When I got the sign-up to assist for class parties and to help to be a room mom I couldn't sign my name fast enough. I signed up for every single thing I could. And when I got a call to help for the Thanksgiving Party I was thrilled. I said I could be there any time and for as long as they needed me. The teacher also was thrilled. I guess not everyone is as anxious to assist as I am.
Luke was really excited to have me at his School and looked over at me smiling more times then I could count. He beamed with pride as he sang all of the songs, each and every word, and recited his verse, he attends a private Presbyterian Pre-School. He was so fun to watch and I almost cried for no reason other than how proud and happy I am to be his Mom.
Luke loves his School. He comes home so happy and sweet. He got his first little evaluation today and it was so fun to read. His teacher stated that "Luke is a happy boy who always shares and who is always kind to others. I am so happy to have him in my class this year."
I love my boy and today was so fun and such a special day for me on so many levels. I know some day Luke may not look at me in his classroom with stars in his eyes, wanting to show me off to everyone. So today I took those precious moments and imprinted them in my heart and memory forever.


Kim Harvey said...

He is such a sweet boy. I know what you mean, that feeling of utter joy when they look at you and smile and you just feel this immense pride. We are so blessed to be moms. Hang on to those memories of today, because they do change. As much as Ben loves and cuddles me, he is already starting to get a little "cool" when I try and kiss him goodbye in front of his friends before school. It is cute because it is just another stage I get to experience, I just didnt think it would happen this soon....Well, I still have Jake who isnt afraid to give his mama love in public!

Tiffany said...

See you have a talent for writing! Told you! While reading this I could feel what you were feeling (to a certain extent) and I got all teary-eyed! I am one of those "can't wait to sign up to be a room mom" too! I loved having my mom in my classrooms growing up and I imagine being the team mom/soccer mom and all that fun stuff! What a blessing it is to be a mom and to be able to feel that amount of love for our children! I am so happy you got to experience all of that today!

Jamie C. said...

It's nice knowing that your children are wonderful for you, but when a teacher writes such a lovely comment about your children it has to feel like the proudest moment. Just by looking at your pictures he has sweet written all over him.

Barbara said...

You are right to cherish those moments. They pass all too quickly. Enjoy every moment of every day--even the rough ones. Love, Grammie

Jen said...

Your the best mom ever!

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