Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ella's big girl bed

Ella is officially in her big girl bed!!!
We were going to wait until her Birthday but I just couldn't put it off that long. She has been ready for a while now and though I felt the desire to move her, people seemed to think I was pushing her and that she is too young. Well, I got so tired of her throwing everything out of her crib, including her sheets, and then getting mad because she couldn't get to them... that yesterday we just took down the crib. And that was the end of that.
I felt bad because it was meant to be a simple project. I didn't want to put anyone out. But here's how it ended up going down
At 3pm I insisted we do this. So for the hour that Dave had free I made him come with me to get a mattress and when we got home I asked him to take down the crib. I would do the rest. Well, the crib took forever to take down, due to some tool issues. I left with the kids to get the white(it had to be white) twin bed from my parents. I want to get Ella a matching bedroom set but since we'll be moving in less then a year we decided we'd find something that would do so that we'd have less to move. My Mom still has the white twin bed that I used and said we could borrow it for the time being. We got over there, dug out the head/foot board and then hit a bump when we couldn't find the side rails. My Dad later stated that they were rusty and had been thrown away. I drove to a mattress store where I went to buy rails. They had none. I decided to just forego the bed and buy a twin bed frame... less cute but at this point Ella had no bed up at all so we were limited. Then my Mom said she tracked down a place that had 2 side rails. I apologized to the mattress man and took back the bed frame. I then drove to get the rails, to my Moms to pick up the bed (my sweet Dad had practically detailed it) and then on home to set it all up. I took it all inside and then went to put the rails in. There was a huge metal wrap around both ends of the rails. I ran downstairs into the garage 6 times trying to find something that would cut it off... no luck. I finally resorted to a saw. Then I took the wood bottom off of another bed and brought it into ella's room... and it was too big!!! Now I had no way to get the mattress on the frame and it was 7pm. I called my mom in tears and my Dad said, " I'll be right there with a box spring." They bought a new box spring, we put on the sheets, and finally put Ella down.
She did great. When she woke up she said," I slept in a big girl bed, like Lukie!" She even took a nap today with no problem. My baby is not a baby anymore. I did shed one tiny tear. Yet at the same time I was so proud of her and so happy.
Sorry to everyone I put out because of my need to do things immediately after a thought enters my mind. You are all the best!!!!! And I love you.


Rebecca D. said...

Wow... just reading that made me want to climb in bed and go to sleep!!!!How fun!Big girl beds are so exciting!It looks great!

elsja said...

Jill, that sounds EXACTLY like something that would happen to me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I've had the same thing happen. Well, maybe not with the bed- but that impatient - "I need it now and I need it perfect" quality in us just leads us in to events like you described. At least the people who love us still put up with it and continue to help us out time and time again.

And your baby IS a baby :) she's just in a bigger bed! so in fact, that should give the illusion that she's even smaller now! :) hah

Tiffany said...

How exciting Ella! Congratulations! I'm sorry for the ordeal you had to go through Jill! ha ha I too have been blessed with the spontaneous "let's do it now" mentality! My poor hubby! Her bedding is super cute too by the way!

Kim Harvey said...

We are so much alike, it is not even funny! Anyway, I'm glad the whole thing worked out and our sweet Ella is sleeping soundly at night. I love her.

Eve said...

Hi Jill, I found you without really looking.
Come over and see my blog. I blog kind of anonymously so that no ex-weirdos can track me down.
Your kids have grown up so fast!

Regina said...

Way to get the job done Jill! You are too funny.

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