Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our time

Sometimes I feel starved for time alone with my Husband. Sometimes I NEED a break from my sweet crew. Sometimes I am too tired to play horsey or kitty or tag or tickle monster.

Problem is we are on a tight budget, trying to pay bills and keep some change in reserve for Christmas.

So... whats the answer when you need a little break but cant pay a babysitter?

You round your kids up, get your swimsuit's ready, make a bottle to bring along and head up Pine Ln. You drop off your favorite 4 kiddo's at the enormous play center at Lifetime Fitness. You then meet your cute Husband, who looks too good in his trunks 'cuz he's lost 23 pounds, in the Jacuzzi. You sit and talk and enjoy the hot, relaxing water. You stay in there for only 30 minutes because you know its time to get your kids home for bed. So you take a deep relaxing breath, get out, get dressed and re-unite with your kids, who you are now ready to play kitty cats with.

Sometimes all we need is a jacuzzi and a 30 minute time out with our Spouse. It can be that little bit of sanity that we were desperate for.


Ashley said...

This sounds so awesome! I think Jared and I should definitely consider switching over...the rec center just doesn't sound as relaxing. :-)
Glad you get some one-on-one time.

Julie said...


Judy and Mike said...

Great idea!

rhoade1501 said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Scott, Granny, Kirb

Tasha said...

It is just so true.

I am thinking and praying for you (and your family). My Mom called me with your horrible news yesterday and I have just been sick. I hope you are okay. Know we are praying for you. Love you Jill.

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