Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas card update 3... me

Man, I wish I had some really interesting or exciting thing to write-up but no such luck. My year has been perfectly ordinary with my perfectly extraordinary Family.
I have been doing a lot of a few things though... I'll run them down here.
1. Driving. Gymnastics, Disneyland, about 4 or 5 times a week to my Mom's house ( my kids love their Nana and Papa's place because its filled with Star Wars, Care Bears, a pool, a cat, endless fruit snacks and a fan club) Luke's therapy, fast-food( sometimes all Luke will eat is nuggets from these places and I don't fight him) the mall, the park, friends houses....etc, etc...etc.
2. Breaking-up fights and defusing kids. I am so happy that my kids love to play with one another, and do it more and more each day, but that also means more "that's mine!" "that hurts!" "stop it!" and "Mommy!!!!" And we also have lots of the" I want it!" "Why?!" "NO!" and other such quotable's. Its my job to fix, explain, stop, feed, listen to , ignore, and settle. It keeps us Mom's busy.
3. Love. OK, there have also been thousands of hugs, kisses, high-five's, fixed boo-boo's, and tickles that I have been busy with this year. Man, that's been a really big one for us this year and I have really gotten all wrapped-up in them.
4. Taking pictures. i photo counts my photo taking at 2,656 as of present for the year 2007. So as you can imagine my hands are a bit tired from all the focusing and my right index finger really needs a rest from the trigger on my Nikon. I have actually been shooting for friends as well this year and as of recently have been asked by some friends of friends who have liked my work or seen our Christmas Card somewhere. I am loving it! I hope next year my camera gets even more fun shots in the game.
5. Teaching the YW in FV1 Ward. This is so fulfilling to me. I actually feel a bit selfish because I know I get so much more out of the lessons then the girls. I get to work with some amazing girls who have limitless potential, socialize with some of the best most fun leaders in the Stake and get a free pass to go out on Wednesday nights to do it all again!!! I love this calling and feel it a great privilege to be serving where I am.

And a few things that have not been keeping me busy this year....
new babies( a first in a little while) gourmet cooking, doing the dishes (GG likes to do it and insists I let her) working out (anymore) eating healthy, sewing and gardening, being crafty... I miss my scrapbooking buddy, and picking up my Husbands slack... he's home all the time!

So, thats me. Sorry, no photo. Like I said no eating healthy or working out. I find it hard to capture a flattering photo recently. I will get back in the game.... tomorrow.


Bryn said...

What a fun post to read! You are such a good mom! I love learning about your family life. By the way, the sweater Dax had on came from good ol' trusty Target!

Barbara said...

For a mom that didn't have much exciting to write about you certainly were busy this year. Enjoy every minute of it because it slips by quickly. That's something that only grandmas can say cause they really know. We love you Jill and miss you too.

julie said...

yeah right, you look prettier every time I see you!

Loved your update. You are an awesome Mom.

Tiffany said...

Ok...I don't know a single Sunday we're I'm not commenting on something you're wearing...your hair or like at Vanessa's shower...your skinny bod! You've had a busy year and I know what you mean about the calling! We do have it made!

Regina said...

Great update! I am so glad you are my friend Jill...seriously you are the best....love you!

Jenn said...

Your always beautiful! I love your posts, you are a great writer. I need some lessons from you!

Shari said...

I'm finally catching up on reading blogs...and this was fun to read. Since I know you, but don't know you THAT well, it's nice to hear about your life. So far my impression of you is that you are a very thoughtful, caring and considerate person. :) I hope to get to know you better!

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