Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Ella Jane!

Ella... her first day on earth.

My baby girl... I miss those days long ago.

Ella at 2 weeks

Me and my girl

My baby is two today!!! It seems like just yesterday that I was in horrible, 17 hour, labor in Aurora, Illinois. I had the worst Nurses known to man, no Family around, most of our closest Friends had gone home for the Holidays so there were no visitors. Dave left about 1 hour after Ella was born to pick up Luke from a dear friend's house where he'd been for 7 or 8 hours already... at Christmas time. And Dave only came back once for 10 minutes after that because Luke hated being there.
O' but she was worth it all and then some. I remember thinking that she was going to be so big since Luke was 9 lbs. 6 oz. And when I started hemorrhaging the ultrasound tech ran in to see if all was well. After she discovered that we were both fine I asked her how big she thought Ella would be. When she waid 7 lbs. I laughed..." yeah, right!" then I asked Dave after she left, " Wouldn't that be so nice?" Finally. after 3 tiny pushes I got my first look at my baby Girl. It was her tiny feet. I exclaimed, "She's tiny!!!" And then I had her in my arms and fell in love. She was so small, 7 lbs. which was itty- bitty to me,  and so sweet. I couldn't stop staring at what we had created. What a gift she was.
2 years ago we got teh best Christmas gift we could have ever asked for. Our beautiful, sweet baby Ella!


Holly Moore said...

how cute! She is precious!!

Tyler and Karen said...

These are such sweet photos! Don't they grow up so fast. ahhh. Happy Bday Ella!

Steve & Tiffany said...

hummmmmmm I wish I had my invitation...I'm sure some of these ADORABLE pictures are on them! ha ha ha JK I love that little girl of yours! She's had those adorable cheeks since birth! Happy Birthday Ella! (hope her cough gets better :')

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Love the pictures!

Tasha said...

Those baby pictures are SOO darling! It is amazing how fast they grow. I would have to say she is still such a cute little girl!

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