Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My house is quiet. I have learned to love that. Stillness. The peace that comes from a noiseless hour. I have become my Father as I hear myself say, "Turn off the TV, its just noise." There are times when I can't stand it. Having the TV on, the chaos that comes from scene after scene of, well, pure noise. It gives me a headache. Im getting old.

All 3 kids were in bed asleep by 5:45pm tonight. But thats another blog post in and of itself. "How my life has been altered by virus'. "

Dave's in class. How I still love the way that he lights up when he talks about School. Writing. Teaching. He astounds me. He works so hard and puts in so much of himself. I dont know how he does it all. How he manages to be at the top of his game, and I really mean he is at the top, academically, How he works on and continually tunes his talent of writing, how he manages to take care of us all, even making dinner most nights.( man did he ever luck out in that department) He is the apple of our Children's eyes. They know him. Really know him. Because he gives them almost every piece of him on a daily basis. Yes, Dave is an anomaly. I hope that I can be like him, can love like him and serve like him... one day. He truly deserves every good thing that comes his way.

And now its just me. Sitting here, thinking of my life and how blessed I am. Wondering how it all came to be, how I have been so blessed. Thinking of this tiny baby growing by the minute. This opportunity I have to be a Mother to another incredible spirit. I think of how lucky this baby will be to have 3 other siblings, what a blessing that they will all be to each other for their entire lives. As much as I feel that we have a lot to offer another baby in the way of Parenting, I mean we're pretty fun and awesome, right? I still feel that the bigger blessing are these 3 kids that this baby will join the rank's of. They are everything. Smart, caring, funny, empathetic, kind, silly, athletic, beautiful. The make up of our Children baffle me. I can not wait to see what #4 brings into the mix. And I can not wait to watch them all grow together. Being the younger Sister(In my mind... but we're still not finding out) to Luke, Ella and Olivia is going to be one of the greatest gift's that could ever be given.

And now I go to enjoy the quiet once more. Actually, isn't Modern Family on soon?


Kristie K. said...

glad you are having a chance to sit back and reflect. We are so blessed, it's nice to stop and name them one by one. Can't wait to meet this new baby and see you soon.

The last Unicorn said...

Kids in bed by 545??? A virus is not always a bad thing :) I am glad you were able to enjoy some silence.

Tasha said...

I love the quiet now too. It just brings some peace. I also love to be by myself more then I ever did before. Funny how things change. I am glad you got some peace tonight. I hope your kids get better soon. I am tired of all the sickness too. You are one amazing girl that is all I can say. Definaly one of my heros.

Montana Wilkins said...

I love reading posts like this that just really seem to be thinking out loud. It's nice to know that other people sometimes think and feel the same way I do about things. Congratulations on this baby on the way. Can't wait to see the amazing pictures you'll take of this one!

Chris, Michelle, and the girls said...

Loved the entire post and I was totally laughing about Modern Family at the end. I never thought about it that way . . . about how lucky a baby is to join those siblings. Your kids are incredible. I love to watch them grow via computer. I can't wait to see who your new little one is.

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Baby Olivia
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My funny Ella

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