Friday, May 21, 2010


It's been well documented, how well my baby girl sleeps. (I call her varying form's of "baby" as often as possible these days because pretty soon I wont really be able to rightly call her that) So when she had a terrible night last night, including waking up bawling 5 times through the night, my thoughts run away with me. I immediately assume she must be sick. This was more than teething, which she has also been doing, she was just sooooo sad.

So today I get in with the Doctor. I tell them I assume she has an ear infection. They get me in. My regular Doctor, who I know well and love, is not working and I must see Dr. Mark. This bum's me out but I assume there can be very little variance to looking into a 1 year old's ear so I agree.

I can tell that Dr. Mark doesn't have the same conclusion to a stirring baby as I do. "She didn't sleep well, huhh?" May have well just said, "You're wasting my time with this ear infection conclusion, paranoid Mom."

He looks into her ear and actually says, "There is a lot of wax blockage and I can't see what I need to. We can either irrigate it, which will really upset her, or I can just send you home with some numbing type drops that may give her some relief." I almost laugh. If I didnt care if he saw into her ear would I have gone to the trouble of bringing her in? By the way, they take her temp earlier in the visit and she has a fever. I think Im on the right track and ask that they irrigate it.

Nurse comes in. They irrigate it. She doesn't make a single peep, just touches her ear as the Nurse walks out and babbles. I assume she's saying" What the heck was that all about and why is there cotton in my ear?"

Doctor comes back in. Takes one look. "Wow... she definitely has an ear infection." Then the best part. "Im sure glad we decided to clean out that ear so that I could see this, its quite bad."

I dutifully thank him. Make an appointment for 2 weeks (with Dr. Gill) and, after a pleasant conversation with a few girls at the front desk (they know Olivia pretty well from her hundreds of visits in her 1st year) I leave with my prescription.

I am grateful for Mothers intuition, it rarely steers me wrong. And I'm even less of a fan of Dr. Mark. And I really hope my baby doesn't need to end up with tubes one day. I think this is ear infection number 6.


Ashley said...

Man! First of all, I hope little baby Olivia gets feeling better! I'm so glad for mother's intuition. Sadly, every time I've had some form of intuition, I just get shot down at the doctor's office. But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one...except I think I need to put my foot down more. You made a very good point: we don’t go to the trouble to bring our babies in to the doctor if we don’t want to find out what is wrong! Anyway, I'm glad you got to the bottom of it...and in some ways, I’m glad to hear a corroborating opinion. At first when I read that you had to see Dr. Marc I thought, “Oh man, she’s going to have a great experience and she’s going to say that she can’t see what all my fuss has been about.” Even though I would rather that you didn’t have to go to the doctor at all, maybe it should make me realize that my mother’s intuition about my baby’s pediatrician is correct and I should put my foot down.
Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Judy and Mike said...

It is so true that mom's know. And he tried to take the credit for it. HA! LOL

sara said...

Yikes! Ear infection #6? Poor girl! Of course you knew there was something more than teething. I love that mother's intuition. Hope she's feeling better now.

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